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Nephew Sets Uncle 

The ghastly incident happened in Bale, Djottin Noni on July 23, 2014 at around 4:30pm, when the author, 38 year-old John Mbu, entered his uncle’s compound threatening anyone around with a gun. 

After sensing that his uncle, Isaiah Banmbu, was not around, he burnt down his two thatched houses. An eye witness Romanus Tayen, a form five student at GHS Lafele, Djottin Noni, reportedly took to his heels when Mbu made it clear that his life was in danger. 

“He set the two houses on fire in my presence after threatening me with his gun. I had to run away. All my new textbooks for 2014-2015 school year, my uniform, shoes and dresses were all consumed by the fire,” Tayen narrates.

74 year-old Banmbu told this reporter on July 23, 2014 at the crime scene that, he got a phone call while on his way back from the Fon of Nkineteh’s Palace Djottin that his two houses had been burnt down. 

“While I was still pondering why anyone would do such a thing to me, I received the second phone call advising me that if I were on my way back home, I should go back because my compound was not safe for me. So I decided to report the incident to the Forces of Law and Order,” Banmbu sustained. 

Security officers arrived when Mbu had been bounded with ropes, under the rain like an abandoned bundle, though not before he had pushed down one sick, elderly man. Mbu is also alleged to have wounded one boy with a cutlass and hit another with the gun which allegedly belongs to Banmbu. The Bale Djottin community is yet to understand why Mbu acted the way he did. 

According to Banmbu, “I have no problem with him. I have never quarreled with him. The night before this sad incident, we were together. We even shared a stick of cigarette”. Before coming for the kill, the culprit is said to have gone to the farm and was seen cashing some children with a cutlass.

One Fidelis Nyamkwi gathered from those who live in the said neighbourhood that Mbu had no sympathy for his own wife and children. They said he had some gamalin which he intended to drink after accomplishing his ‘real’ mission. Tayen said Mbu arrived the scene when Banmbu’s wife and Joseph Ndiyun, Tayen’s elder brother, were all at home. Banmbu’s wife asked if he was going to do some bee harvest, but Mbu rather threatened her with a gun which instead hit Ndiyun as he struggled to runaway. Banmbu’s wife asked if there was any problem and Mbu accepted: “Yes”, Joseph Ndiyun and my uncle say they will kill me and seize my farm”, he continued.

July 23, 2014 will remain a sad day for John Mbu whose wife and children have packed out. Mbu was taken to the Nkor Gendermarie Brigade, though still promising to come back and kill someone before being killed; “Affaire a suivre” as they say in French. 

As we went to press, ‘Pa’ Banmbu Isaiah appeared dejected, confused and undecided as the future looks bleak and gloomy after his corn, beans and other valuables were burnt into ashes

By Henry Ndifon Wache 

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