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New Bridge Over River Mbim Inaugurated 

By Adi Fonte — A new bridge over River Mbim in Noni Subdivision, Northwest Region, estimated at FCFA 89 million was, November 11, inaugurated by Bui SDO, Theophile Nzeki.

The 12.8-metre long and five-metre wide bridge is said to have been constructed in record time by the Bui Public Works Delegation. The inauguration of the bridge was attended by the Divisional Delegations of Public Works, MINEPAT, MINMAP and the Divisional Control of Finance Bui which worked in a synergy to realise the project.

According to the Public Works Divisional Delegate, Wilfred Forsuh Jing, the old bridge collapsed last March 16. He said working together with the Nkor Council authorities and the population of Djottin, a temporary bridge was constructed while he carried out studies and designed a new bridge. Forsuh said the bridge has a life span of 100 years. He said the bridge, which is 4.5 metres high, has provision for tarring in the future.

The SDO, meanwhile, said they were celebrating the product of a synergy between the population, the administration and technical services of Public Works, MINEPAT, MINMAP and Divisional Control of Finance. He said what inspired him to ask for the special authorization for the work was the speed the technical service and the population of Djottin took to build the temporary bridge to facilitate movement.

He called on the Mayor of Nkor Council and the Fons of Djottin to ensure that the population protects the bridge to last for long. The First Deputy Mayor of Nkor Council, Everline Tata, said the entire population was happy for the realisation of the bridge.

First published in The Post print edition no 01481

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