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New Buea DO Acquaints Self With Services, Institutions 

By Walter Wilson Nana — The new Divisional Officer, DO of Buea Subdivision, Paul Kuam Wokam is on his feet. He is getting himself acquainted to the services and institutions under his jurisdiction.

Recently, he took off with his meet-the-people tour at the University Institute of the Diocese of Buea, UIDB. At the UIDB stopover, Engineer Jacques Etchi, an official of the institution told the DO that UIDB opened its doors on October 8, 2010 with six schools, today; they have eight schools with programmes that end up with Bachelor degrees.

“Our objective is to offer alternative choice in education to Cameroonians. We are a professional university with the intention to prepare students who will create jobs and not wait to be employed,” he said. The Buea DO said he is in UIDB to know his people, the services and the subdivision he is managing. “It is difficult to start working when you do not know your environment. I have come to commune with you and better know your institution,” Kuam Wokam said.

He praised UIDB’s option for professionalism, saying it is also Government’s area of interest. “UIDB is increasingly gaining grounds in Cameroon. We thank Mgr. Immanuel Bushu of Buea Diocese for the work he is doing, creating jobs for Cameroonians and the opportunity for others to be trained.” The DO expressed satisfaction that there is content in UIDB from first view, while enjoining the management to collaborate with his office.

“I am available, ready to work and be part of the solutions to your problems,” he said.
From UIDB, the DO proceeded with his marathon visits to some other private and higher education institutions, and business places. At the various stopovers, the DO inspected the structures, listened to the worries raised and made immediate recommendations where necessary.

Senior Commissioner of Police, Bubakary Tahirou of the Second Police District in Molyko talked of the inadequate and appropriate space to keep suspects in custody individuals who have committed crimes and those who have gone contrary to the laws of the nation. The manager of King David Square Hotel, Samuel Mbua Mafany enjoined the DO to crack down on clandestine tourism and leisure spots in Buea municipality that are competing with those operating according to the rules laid down by the government.

Kuam Wokam lauded the initiatives of the aforementioned institutions and their respective management for taking the economy, tourism, leisure and security aspects of the country forward. “We need to know these institutions, their locations and those involved. We have to collaborate with them, ensure that they are loyal to state institutions and know their difficulties. I cannot work alone and their activities need our support.

We are out to serve them and all Cameroonians. They should make good use of our services,” he said. The DO of Buea appealed to all denizens in the municipality that they have to be involved in the preparations of the upcoming Reunification celebrations. “We need to be reminded of the importance of this event. We all have a role to play, especially in keeping our environment clean.

The DO is the chair of the Sanitation and Decoration Sub-committee in the Local Organising Committee. I have to ensure that the town is ready to welcome the Head of State, alongside the council and the city dwellers. Reunification is not only for us in Buea, it is a national event taking place in Buea. It is challenge to all of us and we must take it, collectively,” he said.

First published in The Post print edition no 01437

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