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New MELA Executive To Sustain Common Law Lawyers’ Momentum 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Barrister Eyambe to continue Anglophone Lawyers' Struggle

Barrister Eyambe to continue Anglophone Lawyers’ Struggle

A new executive of the Meme Lawyers’ Association, MELA, elected into office on October 15, has pledged to sustain the current momentum of Common Law lawyers’ in Cameroon.

The new President, Barrister Elias Eyambe Ebai, said issues affecting the lawyers locally and nationally must be addressed to the satisfaction of his peers. The team is expected to meet this October 17 for a stormy session.

Eyambe defeated Barrister Jonas Mbi to succeed Philip Awutah Atubah. Results announced at the elective General Assembly showed that, Eyambe had 100 votes while Mbi scored 52 votes.

“The electoral process has been very open, free and fair. This is a new leaf in MELA. I want to reiterate that there is no victor and there is no vanquish. I and Barrister Mbi Jonas will merge our campaign journals to come out with the best MELA. The 9-member executive is a rain bowl coalition.

It is orchestrated by God. With your help and collaboration, we will serve you diligently. You will not regret your time spent in voting us.

We will swing immediately into action, because, there are burning issues both at the local and national levels to handle”. Eyambe told his colleagues.

At the close of the elections, outgone MELA President, Awutah, told the men of law that their one week strike has been extended. Awutah charged his colleagues not to relent. To him, this is the price lawyers must pay to achieve their desired liberty.

The new MELA President has been in active law practice for 23 years. Eyambe is also a member of the International Criminal Court Bar Association.
Barrister Jacob Mpako sailed through to the position of Vice President with 97 votes. His challenger, Nelson Abah, got 42 votes.

Barrister Pascal Nanje Meloko is the New MELA scribe. He defeated Barrister Roy Sone on a score of 80 votes against 50 respectively. However, Barrister Sone Roy will function as deputy scribe.

The positions of Treasurer and Financial Secretary were given to Barristers Anita Nanje and Alfred Asu Takem, respectively, by acclamation.

Barristers Divine Chia, Mercy Elangwe and Marshal Bissong Agbor, are the new Organizing Secretaries. While, the Electoral Commission comprises Barristers James Agbor Obenengu, Benjamin Mukwelle, Walters Arthur and Emmanuel Divine.

At the end of the elections, the lawyers celebrated that they have ushered in an era of unity among Meme Lawyers. It would be recalled that the tenure of Philip Atubah as MELA President was punctuated with pockets of resistance from some lawyers.

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