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New Nkwen Fon Enthronement, November 18 

By Chris Mbunwe — A new Fon of Nkwen in Bamenda III Subdivision, Mezam Division, Northwest Region, will be enthroned on November 18, 2013. The new Fon will be replacing Fon Samuel Zuneshea Ngufor III, who ‘disappeared’ on November 3, 2013. Fon Ngufor III had ruled Nkwen for 59 years.


In a press briefing on Thursday, November 14, at the Nkwen Palace, the Chairman of Nkwen Development Council, NCD, Michael Nkwenti, flanked by kingmakers and notables, said the royal mourning and funeral celebration shall be announced on Monday, November 18, to be followed immediately by enthronement of the new Fon, who is in the keeping of the Kwifon.

The NCD Chairman said at 5 am on Monday, the Kwifon will announce the funeral celebration with the firing of gunshots while the rest of the inhabitants will take cover on all the hills that surround Nkwen. Within this time, the Queen Mothers will take their dresses to a nearby stream and leave them there. After a cold bath, the Wintons (widows) will be rubbed with cam wood. At 12 noon on that Monday, mourning will stop and the new Fon will be presented to the population. This exercise shall be followed by symbolic pelting of the Fon with stones.

Prior to all the above, all Nkwen women are expected to bring out their yields; corn, beans, yams, groundnuts to the palace esplanade and non-indigenes will scramble to take an item home. If it is a cow or goat brought by men, these things will be left in the open for any “stranger” to cut a piece and take home, Nkwenti explained. Meantime, the funeral celebration will run from November 18 to December 9.

First published in The Post print edition no 01480

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