Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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New Nkwen Fon Says Education Is Priority 

By Chris Mbunwe

Fon F.S Azehfor III of Nkwen has declared war on children who loiter around his Fondom without going to school.
Fon Azehfor was speaking at the official closing ceremony of the “Nekweh” (mourning of late Fon S.Z Ngufor III) that took place at the Nkwen Fon’s palace, recently.
Reminding parents that education is the main pillar of development, Fon Azehfor quoted Nelson Mandela who told South Africans to “educate your children so that the future shall be a better place for all of us.” 
“I repeat; no child in this Fondom shall remain at home without an education or trade,” Fon Azehfor reiterated and called on parents to avail themselves of the numerous private, public and confessional schools all over Nkwen and get their children educated.  
He announced the construction of a library in the palace.
While calling on all Nkwen inhabitants to be custodians of the land, Fon Azehfor frowned at the rampant and indiscriminate sale of land in Nkwen, saying those promoting such practices are jeopardising the lives of the young generation.
“Myself as the custodian of the various lands in Nkwen, I will make sure that lands reserved for farming, our traditional shrines, marshy or wet lands are well protected. There must be sustainable management of our lands,” the Fon said, adding that all sub-chiefs and quarter heads shall be empowered to put an end to indiscriminate sale of land in Nkwen.
The Fon, urged Government to put to maximum use the land allocated for the Faculty of Biomedical Science of the University of Bamenda and the referral hospital.
On the cultural front, Fon Azehfor disclosed the construction of a museum that will serve as a touristic site.
Looking back at the life of his late father, he described him as a man of faith who stood firm, so attached to the PCC, though he allowed other denominations to operate in his Fondom.
To promote religious tolerance, he said he will construct a chapel and a mosque for Muslims in the palace for daily prayers.
The President of Nkwen Development Council, Nkwenti and the Mezam administration praised the population for their maturity during and after the celebrations and promised full support to the new 

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