Thursday, November 15, 2018
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New Officials Of Buea Catholic University Take Office 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Recently appointed officials of the University Institute of the Diocese of Buea, UIDB, have taken up their functions at the campus in Buea.

New UIDB President, Fr. Bomnsa (L) receives technical documents from outgone President, Hon. Ayuk Arrey

Minister Hele listening to explanation of project

Following the appointments in the higher education institutions in the Buea Diocese by Bishop Immanuel Banlanjo Bushu, who doubles as the Chancellor of UIDB, Rev. Fr. Joseph Bomnsa is now the President of UIDB. The Executive Vice President in charge of Programme Coordination, General Education and Catholic Studies is Rev. Fr. Raphael Kolle.

The Vice President in charge of Services and Director of Examinations is Sr. Therese Nyia Njamfa. The Vice President in charge of Academics and Academic Dean is Dr. Emmanuel Assana, while Dr. Eugene Tatah is Vice President in charge of Resources and Programme Coordinator for the School of Agriculture. The new UIDB Treasurer is Sr. Vera Ndifoin, who replaced Mrs Victorine Vemohmbih, now at the Accounting Department.

At the UIDB Centre for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation, CERI, the Managing Director is Sr. Emmanuella Fomenky. CERI’s Director of Research, Planning and Development is Victor Anjeh. The Director of Secretariat at CERI is Rev. Fr. John Asua while Rev. Fr. George Jingwa Nkeze is the Bishop’s Delegate for Special Duties at UIDB, Government and Foreign Missions.

For the School of Engineering, the Programme Coordinator is Engr. Jacques Tabe Etchi. Marcellus Njijong is the Programme Coordinator for the School of Management Sciences and Xavier Alexandre Azeyeh is the Programme Coordinator for the School of Information Technology.   

The Vicar General of Buea Diocese, Mgr. Edward Ngalame, who supervised the technical handover from the previous administration led by the Acting President, Hon. Peter Ayuk Arrey to Fr. Bomnsa, said no human endeavour is perfect, so, the Bomnsa-led administration will only strive to make things better for UIDB.

"We implore the new management of UIDB to put in their best, especially as most of them are coming in from the teaching background. I am convinced their takeoff will be good," he added.
The new President, from Bambui Major Seminary, intimated: "I am coming to a university that is different from a state university. It is a Catholic university and a place for evangelisation. It is a place to get young men and women completely formed for Christian living," he said.

Acknowledging the limitations of all human beings, Bomnsa had this message to his students: "Even the person that you think is complete is also limited. We have to go through the process of discernment. Our mission is that of absolute patience, with people coming from different backgrounds. So, we invite all our stakeholders to be ready to cooperate with us and let the parents continue to build their children from the smallest unit, which is the home."

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