Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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New Sugar Brand Produced in Bamenda 

By Michael Ndi

— The scarcity of sugar which has contributed to the sky-rocketing prices of the various brands of sugar in Cameroon may soon be a thing of the past.

Recently, a new brand of sugar has been introduced into the Cameroonian market known as Dethom Sugar from the stable of Fokou Group Company with headquarters in Bamenda, the Regional Headquarters of the North West.

As of now, the Dethom sugar comes out in 1 kg packets of cubes. Dethom sugar is not 100 percent Cameroonian as it uses the granulated form recently imported from Brazil. Dethom sugar will join existing Cameroonian sugar brands like SOSUCAM, NOSUCA and SOMOCAM to check the scarcity of cube sugar that had persisted for months now.

Industries and bakeries that use sugar in bulk were said to have remained largely unaffected by the recent scarcity since the 8000 metric tonnes recently imported were granulated (the preferred form for these industries).

The launching of Dethom sugar in Cameroon coincided with a nation-wide campaign to sensitise the public on the need for enforcing standards in industrial production processes. The campaign is the brain child of the National Quality and Standards Organization, ANOR, the European Union and the United Nations Industrial and Development Organisation, UNIDO.

The whole idea is to put in place Cameroonian standards for use by local industries in production, thereby ensuring enhanced product safety, better industrial management and protection of the environment in all production processes.

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