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New Tourism Ministry Employees Idle 

By Imma Mkong & Michele Laure Akosoh* — Recently employed certificate holders at the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, MINTOURL, have complained that they are yet to be effectively engaged in their jobs. The complaint of idleness was raised by the employees at a two-day seminar organised in Yaounde on April 9 and 10. The seminar was aimed at making the new employees understand the terms, procedures and conditions of their jobs and what is expected of them as officials of MINTOURL.

The Director of General Affairs, Aboubakar, assured the inquisitive employees that their first salaries will be paid by the end of April, adding that there is much to do in the Ministry as opposed to the idea of idleness brought up by some of them. Aboubakar said that MINTOURL has 58 departments and every division has at least two computers with Yaounde having about 10.

Reacting to the multiple problems of lack of equipment and infrastructure posed by the employees, the Director said MINTOURL is taking measures to construct new and well equipped offices. The Director of the Department of Tourism Enterprises, DET, Daniel Mukete, explained what constitutes leisure and how tourism and leisure enterprises are classified.

He said tourism enterprises include hotels, motels, inns, bars, restaurants, cabarets, nightclubs, bar dancing. These enterprises, he said, are classified with respect to architecture, quality of services, personnel, technology. Hotels and restaurants, for example, are classified under One, Two, Three, Four, or Five Stars and in terms of personnel quality, menu, location, walls, respectively.

Decree NO. 95/533/PM of September 1, 1995 describes the taxes hotels must pay to the Ministry. One Star hotels pay a meager sum of FCFA10.000 and the sum increases according to the number of Stars. Hilton, being the lone Five Star hotel in the country, pays FCFA50.000 to the Ministry every year.

Hotel Mont Febe dropped from a Five Star to a Four Star because it did not respect the norms of classification. To create a tourism site in Cameroon, Mukete said the norms and standards to be respected include land ownership, a license, study norms in the context of decree of application, and then application.

He also said the Ministry’s main source of finance is through penalties and since they don’t penalize as they ought to, they have been answering queries of not generating enough revenue.
The Divisional Chief of Planning and Cooperation at MINTOURL, Theophile Mbo, advised the newly employed to pay special attention to the department because it is the key to the success of every project carried out in the Ministry.

He said the Ministry has embarked on the training of animals in national parks and zoos so that tourists don’t get scared of coming close to them. Mbo said there are 825 tourism sites in Cameroon that if well exploited, would generate a lot income for the country.

*(UB Journalism Student)

First published in The Post print edition no. 01336

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