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Newborn Baby Found Dead One Day after Being Stolen 

By Solomon Amabo — A one-day-old baby stolen Saturday night from the maternity ward of the Mbanga District Hospital, Littoral Region, was later found dead on Sunday night.

The baby was found in a bag behind the Mbanga council premises. A feeding bottle was also found in the bag. Like the mother at the centre of the notorious stolen baby case in Yaounde that has gripped the nation, the mother of the Mbanga stolen baby, 19-year-old Emako Amel, is a teenager.

Security forces in Mbanga, Littoral Region, have opened up investigations to unmask the faces behind the theft.

Reports from Mbanga said the baby thief or thieves scaled the fence of the hospital before moving stealthily into the maternity ward where the baby of Emako Armel was sleeping.

It remains unclear how the perpetrator(s) made away with the baby with cries from her mother alerting the entire hospital. Hospital officials are quoted as saying they have only a single guard at the premises who is usually stationed at the main gate.

Reports say the father of the deceased stolen baby Ngam Cedrick has demanded an autopsy in vain with family members expected to retrieve the mortal remains later Monday.

The theft of the baby is said to have provoked the anger of locals who besieged the hospital to protest against what they described as insecurity at the hospital.

Tension Mounts
At the time of filing this report Monday morning, sources said the hospital officials were mounting pressure on the family to hurriedly bury the baby.

"I don’t understand why they are forcing us to take the child for burial and leave hospital. We have told them that the family is concerting to know what to actually do. We don’t understand how this country functions," complained Tchasseu Genvieve, a close relative to the embattled teenager, to by phone on Monday.

Meanwhile two militants of Partie Unie pour la Renovation Social, PURS, have been arrested and detained by security forces for protesting against the baby theft incident. "They are accusing them of trying to incite the population. This is because we have told the family not to allow themselves to be subjected to any pressure. There seems to be something really wrong. We don’t understand how the baby could be found near the hospital after we had searched for her in vain," the executive secretary of PURS told Monday.

Attempts by this reporter to reach the hospital director Polla’a Emmanuel have been futile.

The incident in Mbanga brings to two the number of reported cases of babies stolen in the Littoral Region in the last few weeks. Another baby was stolen in Douala, but later found last week near Edea, Littoral Region. Security forces took two weeks to locate the stolen baby.

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