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Newly Appointed Officials Tasked To Revive SW Tourism 

By Anthony Njie

CameroonPostline.com — Eight newly appointed officials of the Southwest Delegation of Tourism, MINTOURL, have been tasked to revive tourism in the Region.

Even though endowed with tourist resources, the activities of the Delegation have been dormant due to lack of trained personnel. It was apparently in a bid to resolve the problem of insufficient personnel affecting the Delegation that the eight officials were appointed to head various posts of responsibility in the institution.

MINTOURL Southwest Delegate, Peter Pel Elangwe, while commissioning the newly appointed officials, recently, highlighted two key points which, according to him, make the personalities peculiar. “They all hold Higher Diplomas in Tourism and related fields as compared to the past where we had to recruit people from different fields to train them on the job. All of them, apart from one, have a working experience of about 18 months.” The Delegate urged them to work hard, in order “to sail well and stay afloat.”

The new officials, according to Elangwe, were being commissioned at the dawn of two history-making events in the nation that will be hosted in Buea; the 50th Anniversary of Cameroon’s Reunification and the 38th Congress of Africa Travel Association, ATA, billed for October 2013.
With over a hundred thousand tourists visiting the region yearly, the Tourism Delegate exhorted the officials to work in collaboration with stakeholders in the tourism sector to ensure their safety, comfort and total satisfaction on a daily basis.

The success of these activities, the Delegate said, depends on their organisation ability.
Those commissioned are as follows: General Affairs, Laurentine Terkwe, Controller N1, John Kobi Mboh, Controller N2, Pameta Bako Ngeme, and the various Chiefs of Services for Tourist Sites, Roland Natmia, for Promotion, Lucie Kenzo, for Leisure, Nadine Miyoup, for Statistics, Emmanuel Eyong and for Tourism Enterprise, Ernest Yuniwo.

First published in The Post print edition no 01437

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