Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Nfon Mukete Blames Denizens For Neglect Of Meme 

By Marceline Chick

Nfon V.E. Mukete has said the people of Meme Division are responsible for the neglect of the area.

"We do not really have weight in the affairs of this country because we have not registered and voted for the right person. Let us correct the errors of the past," Nfon Mukete said. The paramount ruler of the Bafaws was speaking at the Kumba Banquet Hall, May 7, during a CPDM Joint Conference to raise money to boost voter registration in the Division. He said the Division has been abandoned like an orphan and has not been given its rightful place.

He lamented that ministers and general managers have not been appointed from the Division, because the people have failed to encourage Government to appoint denizens of the area.
Nfon Mukete, also Chairman of the Meme Divisional Commission for Voters’ Registration, said people should not register and fail to take part in the voting exercise.

Meanwhile, Justice Benjamin Itoe said Meme has a vision, which is more than extending support messages to the Head of State. He said they are like people engaged in a battle and it is difficult to win without ammunition; which is registration, and their shots are the votes they will cast. Itoe also stated that Meme Division should cast their vote to President Biya.

On his part, the Section President of Meme I A, Prince Ekale Mukete said the people of the Meme must make sacrifices to re-elect Biya to complete the work he started for Cameroon.
He, however, regretted that many militants especially in Mbonge Sub-division face difficulties registering because they lack national identity cards. Over FCFA 16 million was raised to encourage more people to have ID cards to facilitate voting for the CPDM party in the upcoming presidential election.

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