By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

When the findings of the Commission Of Inquiry was published on April 21 by the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh; on the tragic events of February 14 in Ngarbuh, Ntumbaw, the military officer who led the mission was blamed for submitting a biased report that misled Government in its initial declarations.

The Ngoh Ngoh communiqué had noted that “…on his return to Ntumbaw, Sergeant Baba Guida who led the operation, submitted a deliberately biased report to his superior, a report on which the Government initially based its statement.”

But according to a report that was forwarded by CPDM Nkambe to party hierarchy on the heels of the massacre captioned “Findings on Ngarbuh,” it is apparent that it was not only Sergeant Baba Guida who misled the Government; but members of the ruling CPDM party in Nkambe also did.

From their own findings, that was splashed on the CPDM Nkambe facebook page, “all the terrorist camps that had surrounded Ntumbaw to destroy it were eventually forced to dismantle and flee to Ngarbuh.”

It claims that terrorists from areas like Ntabah, Sop, Mbawrong, Mbam, Ntisaw, Mbankeng and Ntamru had all converged on Ngarbuh. The CPDM Nkambe findings stated that the “terrorists” moved to Ngarbuh with their logistics, notably; arms, ammunitions, gun powder, fuel, Indian hemp, and so on.

Maintaining that the fighters had moved to various neighbourhoods of Ngarbuh and other surrounding places, the report held that “Ngarbuh and Firu were main depots of smuggled fuel, ammunitions and gun powder packaged in fuel gallons. The terrorists that fled Mbam to Ngarbuh also fled with huge quantities of ammunitions and fuel.

Children, women mourning victims of Ngarbuh Massacre in church, after the men all escaped and sought refuge in the bushes

“After the massive turnout of voters in Ntumbaw in the just ended elections, they planned to attack the town and destroy it as they had always declared their intentions in the past and attempted to do on various occasions in a period of about a year and a half.

“The Fon of Ntumbaw was kidnapped when he led his population to clean school compounds for effective resumption in September 2019. He was taken to Bui and the population had to contribute and paid FCFA 5 million as ransom for his release after a week in a terrorists’ cell. Many inhabitants of Ntumbaw and its surrounding villages such as Ngarbuh have been accused of loyalty to the State by the same groups of terrorists and murdered or kidnapped, tortured and released only after payment of huge ransoms.

“The terrorists burnt down homes of inhabitants they accused of loyalty to the State, rustled thousands of cattle, robbed merchants, and so on,” the findings had stated.

CPDM Nkambe Report Proper

According to the writers of the CPDM Nkambe findings, “on 13 February in the evening, the military moved towards Ngarbuh through Mabu; but the terrorists were alerted and those of Mabu had fled towards Ngarbuh; while those of Ngarbuh were already heading to Mbam and Mbawrong. The military did not go further. They made a u-turn just after Mabu and returned to base.

“Commander ‘No Pity’ had been called up by some factions of the terrorists for reinforcement. ‘No Pity’ and his group arrived Ngarbuh fully dressed in military uniform and many took them for the military coming from Tatum. Ambas that were in ambush opened fire on ‘No Pity’ and his group. A serious fight ensued and fire broke out in houses in which Nigerian fuel was stored. Explosions succeeded each other as children and women tried to flee the scenes, in vain.

“’No Pity’ and his group concluded that they were setup and their response was without pity. The battle lasted till dawn. This is the story of Ngarbuh as narrated by an eyewitness Amba fighter who survived the incident and surrendered in Ntabah.

“Due to the gravity of their blunder and crime, and to destroy evidence, the terrorists hurriedly buried the bodies of the victims without proper procedures. Their heartless leaders abroad hastily took advantage of their own crimes to blame the army and loyal citizens. It was only after destroying all evidences that they started posting images on social media. Even victims who survived their massacre were reported as dead by the terrorists.

“It is worth noting that Ngarbuh since became a main depot for smuggled fuel, weapons and ammunitions where terrorists from Bui and Ngoketunjia came to buy. Many houses in and around Ngarbuh stocked Nigerian fuel and ammunitions, without considering the risks of potential fire disasters.

“A 20 litres plastic gallon can contain 1,000 bullets. It should be recalled that it was in Ngarbuh that we seized fuel containers stocked with bullets a few weeks ago.

“Mainly Amba commanders lived in the compound of an ex-convict turned Amba patron, known as Abdullahi Sunjo, and a few privileged fighters. They lived there always with their wives and prostitutes, including the daughters of Abdullahi, who were specialised in cultivation of Indian hemp and cooking for the fighters. They were always feasting on meat from stolen cattle, drank looted alcohol and smoked Indian hemp.

“While also transacting smuggled arms, ammunitions and Nigerian fuel to buyers from Bui Division and mainly the commander ‘No Pity’s’ group and its allies of Ngoketunjia Division,” the report of the CPDM Nkambe had narrated.

Meanwhile, one of the clauses in Ngoh Ngoh’s communiqué leading up to the blame on Sergeant Baba Guida for submitting a deliberately biased report to his hierarchy read that “…panic-stricken, the three servicemen with the help of some members of the vigilante committee tried to conceal the facts by causing fire.”