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NGO Requests Prayers For Ailing African Presidents 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai
— The Foundation for Human Rights and Development, FHRD, has called on Christians, Moslems and people of goodwill to engage in special prayers for ageing African leaders. The call is contained in a press release dated April 4, 2012, signed by the Founding President of the FHRD, Afanyi Ngeh.

Based on an announcement of last February 5, made by the renowned Nigerian tele-evangelist, T.B. Joshua, on the eminent death of an ageing African head of state within 60 days, Afanyi expressed worry that on April 1, Joshua repeated the prophecy hinting that the said leader would not be from West Africa.

He is quoted in the release to have declared that: “What I was seeing is very close now; you want to hear more…Whether you like it or not, this is what I have seen. Pray for a leader; well, God showed me everything but I am praying to see if this thing can be changed. Pray for your leader, the head of a nation. I am seeing a sudden death; this is as a result of sickness.

“Quote me, but the Lord showed me the country and the person but I am not here to mention anything but when it is very close, I will mention, but right now it is a bit close. Every time you pray, pray for Africa…This is not even in West Africa, but I will not say anything more than that.”
On why there is reason to believe, Afanyi mentioned other prophesies by the same evangelist that have come to pass.

He recalled the death of Michael Jackson; the post-election violence in Abidjan; the petrol riots in Nigeria; the sectarian violence in Nigeria; the global economic meltdown; the elimination of Nigeria from AFCON 2012 [race]; the victory of Zambia at AFCON 2012; amongst others. “Judging from past prophesies that were fulfilled, it is prudent to take the April 1 prophesy very serious,” the FHRD release cautions.

“Considering the fact that other countries with ageing leaders such as Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are taking the prophecy seriously by holding special prayers, it is incumbent on Cameroonians to do same. It should be noted that in recent years, a good number of African countries that had the misfortune of a head of state dying in office ended up having civil war: Ivory Coast, Rwanda and Burundi.

The two that miraculously escaped were countries in which, before the untimely death, the president arranged for the son to be installed as successor; Togo and Gabon. The case of Nigeria is different since the latter practised a reasonably good dose of democracy with clear cut rules for constitutional succession,” Afanyi states. At press time, however, The Post gathered that the President of Malawi, Bingu wa Mutharika, died on April 5 at the age of 78 after a cardiac arrest.

Inviting Christians, Moslems and persons of goodwill to undertake special prayers beginning from April 6 (Good Friday), the FHRD notes that “President Paul Biya is amongst the five oldest heads of state on the [African] continent [whose] untimely death could spark a period of political instability in Cameroon due to the fragile democratic institutions, generalised culture of corruption and impunity; and the ‘instrumentalisation’ of ethnic politics over the past two decades.”

According to the NGO, the prayer intentions should border on: “asking God’s mercy and pardon on Cameroon’s Head of State, asking God’s healing grace on President Biya and asking God’s mercy and direction on Cameroon.” These prayers should include the following: Holy Masses with the above intentions, Special Rosary prayers, special fasting programmes and special midnight prayers.”

First published in The Post print edition no. 01334

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