Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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NGO Takes Climate Change Fight To Schools 

By Francis Tim Mbom

A Limbe-based NGO, African Centre for Research, Development and Climate Change, AFREDECC, Friday, October 23, visited the National Comprehensive High School, NCHS Limbe, to sensitise students on UN Millennium Development Goals, MDGs.

NCHS Students

AFREDECC Director, Godden Ndenge Zama, and his collaborator, Tarhyang Tabe Enow, talked on the need for governments to be reminded of the commitments they took in 2000. The students were especially sensitized on the fight against poverty and climate change. They said that after the sensitization, they would meet their local parliamentarians and cause them to focus, in the next budgetary session, on projects and actions that can go a long way to curb poverty.

The students of the Environmental Club of the school presented to the team a ‘green house’ which they said was their own modest contribution in the on-going fight to mitigate he effects of global warming.

In the school "green house" are some 200 tree seedlings, which the students said they are nursing to encourage people to buy and plant to help in the process of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Cleanest Quarter Contest Launched In Limbe

Prior to the 150th anniversary celebrations of Limbe, the City Council Government Delegate, Andrew Motanga, has launched a cleanest quarter competition.

Motanga announced Monday, October 16, to some 30 chiefs and quarter heads, that he has put forth FCFA 1.8 million for the three cleanest quarters. According to him, the cleanest quarter will receive FCFA 1 million; the first runner up will get FCFA 500,000 and the second runner-up will be offered FCFA 300,000.  

While the chiefs and quarter heads expressed elation at the idea, some, however, complained of several impediments that could deter them from winning the prize. They mentioned the presence of  bars without toilets and other eyesore structures in their areas. Meanwhile, to ensure order in the town, the Delegate promised to soon go out for a massive destruction of unauthorized containers and makeshift kiosks along the streets.

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