Monday, October 19, 2020
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Ngolle Ngolle Admits Anglophone Problem, Debunks Terrorists Accusations 

By Tah Nduko

Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle who had, hitherto, denied the existence of an Anglophone Problem in Cameroon, has staged a volte-face by tacitly accepting that the problem exists.

Sitting on a ‘hot seat’ as one of the panellists on CRTV’s flagship programme ‘Press Hour’ on Sunday, October 29, Professor Ngolle Ngolle who was quizzed on the feedback of their supposedly constituted CPDM appeasement delegation to meet the people, Prof Ngolle Ngolle spoke without batting an eyelid.

Although he gave a generic reply as to the destination – Southwest Region – where he was sent to meet the people, he tacitly avoided to be specific. If he were specific, he would have either confirmed or debunked allegations that he was chased away from Kupe Muanenguba Division during his appeasement tour.

However, he made it clear that the people they met, “made an attempt to be civil to us; they were receptive even in their anger and frustration, they were not violent towards us.”

The Political Science Professor, in his own right, told his co-panellists that on the instructions of the Prime Minister and Head of Government, they were sent to go and commune with their aggrieved people.

But, when asked if the results of their expedition were satisfactory, Prof Ngolle Ngolle, was tried to be aloof in his response by saying: “I think they did their job well,” and was corrected to say: “we did our job…” by the Anchor, Joe Chebunkeng Kalabubse.

Interestingly, Professor Ngolle Ngolle said Anglophones, are not terrorists. Hear him: “Anglophones as far as I know, are not terrorists. The people were civilised; the majority of them rejected violence; they prefer to solve their problems through republican values.”

Carried by such utterances, Prince Ekosso of the United Socialist Democratic Party, USDP, who was one of the panellists, immediately sprang to his feet and quizzed Professor Ngolle Ngolle on the fact that he is now declaring that Anglophones are not terrorists given that some individuals in Government have always presented them to be: “So, why were they killed with live bullets and what justifies the killings by soldiers?”

As if to say he was making an official belated apology on behalf of the Government, Prof Ngolle Ngolle said: “The soldiers were doing their professional job that they were sent to do, however, if there were some killings in the process, we are sorry about that, but know that the soldiers are humans like us.”

Even though he was reminded of the fact that such apologies were belated; that they ought to have come from the Government, another panellist, Franklin Sone Bayen, also reminded Prof. Ngolle Ngolle of the fact that a fortnight ago, he was on CRTV’s French programme ‘Dimanche Midi’ and many other programmes where he had deliberately refuted the existence of an Anglophone Problem.

By and large, while many observers continue to pick bones with Prof Ngolle Ngolle’s frequent media outings, some are of the opinion that he should be rewarded with a medal for always mustering the gumption to avail himself on every media platform where he performs his usual theatre defending Government action, without the slightest compunction on what the audience thinks or feels about his utterances.