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Nguti Youths Protest Lack Of Electricity, Besiege Timber Company 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Youths in Nguti, Nguti Subdivision, Kupe Muanenguba Division of the South West Region have been on the streets since May 9 protesting the absence of electricity in their municipality.

The irate youth reportedly invaded the premises of a timber exploitation company, WIJMA, with a juju called “Esapa” while ordering that nobody should go to their farm until the situation is resolved.Activities at WIJMA are said to have come to a standstill, ever since the masquerade was implanted at the timber processing plant.The Post gathered that the youth want the timber company to respect a promise made over 11 years ago; to provide electricity to Nguti , but has not till date.WIJMA itself, is functioning thanks to a generator which is unable to supply the timber processing plant and the community at the same time.

Patrick Esapa Enyong, a native of  Nguti versed with the situation, explained to The Post, May, 15, that the irate youth are acting without proper information because, WIJMA has never signed any agreement with the Nguti community promising to give them electricity.

Esapa disclosed that, over a decade ago, officials of the Holland Company held an environmental impact assessment meeting with the Nguti population during which discussions bordered on advantages and challenges of hosting such an enterprise.

In the course of deliberations, Esapa maintained, suggestions were made concerning issues such as bringing electricity to Nguti, the construction of classrooms, among others, but there has never been any agreement obliging WIJMA to bring electricity to Nguti.

According to the elite, WIJMA, however, bought a generator for the community and provided fuel for over one year and the Nguti Council was in charge of managing it.

Esapa, who admitted being the person who installed the WIJMA machines in Nguti, observed that WIJMA officials have explained severally that they cannot share the same generator with the community because inhabitants might get into doing faulty connections which can cause problems.Besides, Esapa said, even if the company wants to dialogue, it might be with the Nguti community and not the youth, given that from inception, discussions have always taken place under the umbrella of a community which involves the youth, the old, natives and non natives.

The Post gathered that, the elite of Manyu and Kupe-Muanenguba Divisions went into underground political confrontation before the Deutsch, whom the company is named after, settled in Nguti instead of Manyu.A source told The Post that the fight was between late Nzoh Ekah Ngaki of Nguti and former Minister of Forestry, Clarkson Mbianyor of Manyu, over who to convince WIJMA, given that both personalities saw the company as a means of developing their area.The same source maintained that even the present land on which the timber company is located is owned by the late Nzoh Ekah Ngaki

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