Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Nigerian Caught With Over 6 Kgs Of Heroine 

By Kings Osa Jeifor

The anti-drug brigade of the Douala International Airport has once again caught a Nigerian with 6.2 kg of heroine in his luggage. 
Ogide Chidozie, 34, was arrested around 12:20 pm on Saturday, December 14, during routine checks of an Ethiopian Airlines fight.
Chidozie had travelled from Bujumbura in Burundi passing through Daresalam in Tanzania and finally to Douala on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight. 
The itinerary of the Nigerian became suspicious to Senior Police Constable Wangbara. 
Informed of the situation, the Interim Commissioner of the Special Police Station of the Douala International Airport, Senior Superintendent of Police, Zachari Yaou Alhadji, immediately ordered for the arrest of Chidozie. 
He was then taken to the Police Post for further questioning where an expert in anti-drug investigation, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ubald Momasso, was called in. 
At first, Chidozie refused having any luggage in the suit. But after a second interrogation, it became clear that the suspect had handed his luggage tag to someone else who was already trying to collect the bag. 
But due to the vigilance of the police, Chidozie’s bag was discovered and inside it was found 6.2 kgs of heroine carefully hidden on the walls sewn with thread and taped. 
Chidozie finally admitted his crime, but claimed that the bag was given to him by a certain Cletus Nwanze in Bujumbura who sponsored his trip. 
He further revealed that he was supposed to hand the bag to someone upon arrival in Douala. 
Chidozie was on Monday, December 16, transferred to the Judicial Police in Bonanjo for further investigations.

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