Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Nigerians In Cameroon Promise Goodluck Over 30, 000 Votes 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai
Members of an association called Concerned Nigerian Citizens in Cameroon, CONCICAM, have promised to give President Goodluck Jonathan Ebelle over 30, 000 votes at the upcoming General Elections.
The promise was made in Yaounde, recently, during an executive meeting of CONCICAM aimed at mobilising over 30,000 members to be ready to travel to Nigeria and massively vote for Goodluck Jonathan.
On why Goodluck should be given a second mandate, the Secretary General, SG, of CONCICAM, Peter Edet Akparawa Ikpe, said; “Jonathan’s Government has gone into record as one that has been very close to the people. That is why we are calling on all Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora to give him a second term. He opted for an open and participatory system of Government, where everybody is consulted for major decisions to be taken.”
Akparawa attributed a number of achievements to Goodluck, which CONCICAM considers as outstanding. He talked of the creation of schools and Federal Universities across the country, with emphasis on professionalism and technical education.
“Thousands of teachers have been trained and retained for employment by the Government of Goodluck” he stated.
On what the President is doing to stem power outages for which Nigeria is noted, the CONCICAM SG said hydroelectricity generation plants have been built and are being commissioned to improve on power supply in the country. He added that the moribund Nigerian Railway System has been revamped thanks to the Government.
“Air conditioned trains are now plying the Lagos-Abuja Railway line, as well as other localities.
Akparawa also talked of the dual carriage road networks and the ongoing construction of another bridge over the River Niger, as some of the visionary moves of Jonathan.
“A litre of fuel in Nigeria is 87 naira. This cut in fuel prices positively touches on the lives of Nigerian citizens. There are no long queues any longer at filling stations,” he said.
The SG disclosed that Nigeria is today one of the highest rice producing countries in Africa, while the country is a major cassava exporter. He said the agricultural sector is booming because the current Government decided to give out loans to farmers in order to boost production.
When The Post reminded him of the insecurity and Boko Haram phenomenon which the Government of Goodluck has failed the address, Akparawa said; “The military is successfully pushing Boko Haram out of some localities which they had occupied, thanks to the concerted efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan. The President recently commissioned three naval vessels in a day, all aimed at improving the security of Nigerians and, by extension, its neighbours. By March 28, Boko Haram will be a thing of the past,” he maintained.
He argued that Goodluck has successfully placed Nigeria in the community of nations in Africa and the world.
The President of CONCICAM, Ferdinand Odumegwu, urged all Nigerians resident in Cameroon to travel to Nigeria and massively vote for Goodluck. One of the reasons he gave was that there are no political prisoners in Nigeria.
“Be Strong and courageous. No one will be against you because God is with you,” Bishop Johnny Nathaniel, the Vice President of CONCICAM added.