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Nine Women Get Free Surgery In Cancer Campaign 

By Franncis Tim Mbom — Nine women, out of a total of some 1,110 consulted, are said to have been operated upon to have them treated for breast cancer. This was done during a one week free cancer consultation in Cameroon by US based African Women Cancer Awareness Association NGO, AWCAA. Talking to the press on Saturday, June 8, after the one-week exercise, the President of AWCAA, Ms Ify Nwabukwu, said “most of the women were found to have breast abnormalities.”

She said their mission was also out to educate the women to be very “breast aware” and to “know the basic signs and symptoms” that should, if witnessed at any time, be a clue for them to immediately go and consult for a medical examination. She said they were working to get other cancer treatment NGOs, back in the US, to come on board and help. She said with much more support, they will hopefully return to Cameroon to reach out to more patients with breast and other forms of cancer.

The Patcha Foundation was one of the NGOs that came to Cameroon with the AWCAA. The President, Mrs Stella Maris Adamu, said she was happy with all the patients who showed up for the consultations and treatment. She said everything was done free of charge. According to her, it offered an opportunity for many to have treatment after they had been unable to do so following initial consultations they had done elsewhere and were diagnosed with cancer.   

 “I believe that this exercise has made a big difference in the lives of the Cameroonian people,” she said. “We met a lady from Douala who said she had been diagnosed for breast cancer and could not go for surgery because she needed the sum of FCFA 1.5 million,” she added. The mission reached out to patients in Limbe, Buea, Tiko and Kumba. However, Mrs. Adamu said they will be glad to reach out to many more Cameroonians in other areas if they happen to come again.

The mission ended with an evaluation meeting that was held behind closed doors at the Savoy Palms Hotel Conference room. Partners and support staff were awarded certificates and words of thanks for their collaboration. It is worth noting that the Limbe based NGO, Uphealth Foundation, run by Dr. Ekema Anjorin, was also one of the major partners that worked with the AWCAA in ensuring the success of the mission.

First published in The Post print edition no 01438

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