Monday, November 19, 2018
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Njaah Community Holds National Convention 

By Chris Mbunwe

In order to reassert their identity in Momo Division, Njaah sons and daughters at home and in the Diaspora converged recently at a National Convention in Bamenda to raise funds for the development of the village.

Speaking at the occasion, the President General of Njaah Cultural and Development Association NJACUDA, Isaac Anapa Ngwa, said, for the 15 years he has been at the helm of NJACUDA, the association has achieved a lot.  He said through his personal efforts, Njaah today is electrified and has -orne water.

He said Njaah exists as an independent community, with its identity being disputed by detractors, given the confusion over the existence of Njaah quarter found some 300km into Tugi village and Njaah community.  He said Njaah community is found adjacent the Acha-Tugi hospital in Mbengwi.

The NJACUDA President General regretted the fact that the misnomer of the Acha-Tugi hospital in the post colonial days is at the origin of the controversy.  Anapa stated that Njaah has over 3000 inhabitants and shares boundaries with Acha-Tugi to the east, Ngwo Kwong to the west and Southwest, Tinechung in Ngie Subdivision to the northwest and Tugi to the north.

Njaah, he explained further, harbours the Acha-Tugi hospital, a government primary school, a civil status centre, a cattle market, mosque, churches and a host of socio-cultural services. The main objective of the convention was to raise funds to complete the supply of water to the rest of the neighbourhoods of Njaah which the government had initially assisted with FCA 40 million. It was also agreed that electricity has to be extended from Tuonjaah  neighbourhood to Tonenjaah.

He revealed that government had disbursed FCFA 200 million for extension of electricity from Mbengwi to Njaah.  There are also plans to improve on the Presbyterian Church structure and plough the new site for the government nursery school Njaah and more. Anapa brought out eight points to buttress his dream: "My dream for Njaah in 2020-2025; I foresee Njaah with tarred roads, paved streets, houses electrified, hotels, snacks and many others."

He cautioned his people to register for next year’s presidential election so as to determine who matters in giving development projects.  Njaah subjects were cautioned to stand firm by their motto of love, unity and development. In this regards, Anapa requested the youths of Njaah to eschew idleness, laziness and drunkenness and get enrolled into technical colleges.

The Fon of Njaah, HRH Martin Asanga, urged his people to continue building modern houses at home in the same way as they are developing other towns and promised total support to Njaah Community. The cultural evening saw the population thrilled by the "Kwem dance, Tewara dance and traditional dishes from Njaah.  Close to FCFA 2 million was raised to complete the water supply scheme.

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