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Njinikom Hospital Begins Hip Bone Transplants In 2011 

By Francis Tim Mbom

After laudable strides in bone surgeries and bone re-construction, the St Martin de Pores Catholic Hospital in Njinikom, Boyo Division will, from January, 2011, begin artificial hip bone transplants in patients needing it. The Matron of the Hospital, Rev. Sr Xaveria Ntenmusi, in an exclusive interview with The Post on August 7, disclosed that, by January 2011 they intend to go one step further with hip bone replacements.      

Edmund from Yagoua before and after surgery St. Martin de Pores

She said hip bone transplants, at some point, usually entail the process where a diseased cartilage or ball and socket at the head of the hip bone, are surgically removed and replaced with a metal ball and stem, that is inserted inside the femur bone and an artificial plastic cup socket. This is just one of such hip bone transplant medical feats that patients from Cameroon have been flying.

As to what usually occasions this kind of surgeries, the MD said; “… progressively intense or chronic pain, together with impairment caused by daily function, including climbing of stairs, walking and even arising from a sitting position, eventually becomes reason to consider total hip replacement surgery.”

Cases of degenerative arthritis, bony fractures of the hip joint and death of the hip joint, altogether, can also necessitate a surgical replacement. Armed with two American specialists doctors, a team of visiting doctors from the Netherlands and with a resident Russian-trained Cameroonian Orthopedic, amidst other quality staffers, Sr Xaveria said they hope to continue doing the best they can, come January.

Bone Surgery Advances

Sr Xaveria the hospital has for the past 10 years made appreciable strides in the area of bone and other medical surgeries. This, she said, is why they intend to inch further on in order to be able to help, especially the poor who might not have the means, maybe, to fly themselves out for such surgeries abroad.

She averred that the hospital has done quiet a considerable number of bone reconstruction and reformation surgeries for patients born with born deformities or children born with curved legs, as well as patients who develop bone injuries from road or other accidents.

“I think we have all the medical equipment necessary to handle a wide range of bone surgeries from accidents even right to the skull,” she said. “When ever the visiting specialists from Holland come, they have never done less than 60 bone operations here. They do about 120 operations because some children usually have about two or three different operations to correct their limbs,” Sr Xaveria explained.

For children who come in for surgeries to correct their limbs, Sr Xavetria said that the patient might take about six weeks at Njinikom for the surgery; then, is transferred to the St Josephs and Adult Home in Bafut for another six weeks for rehabilitation. From Bafut, she said, the patient is put on calcium and other medications for the final rehabilitation process, which ends up with the patient being able to walk normally with little or no traces of having ever had a deformation.

She talked of one Edmund who came in all the way from Yagoua, in the far North and who could barely support himself with a staff. Edmund was operated upon, his legs corrected.
“Edmund is very happy now and is at Bafut learning shoe mending so that he can be able to help himself when he gets back to Yagoua,” she said. 

Sr Xaveria, paid tribute to the Franciscan Sisters whom, she said “planted the good seeds,” that are blossoming today for the benefit of the communities. She also hailed their sponsors from Holland as well as supporters, the Catholic Authorities and the entire staff for their commitment and dedication in ensuring that, through God, they can be able to save the lives of many.

Ahmadou Ahidjo Opened Hospital

The former President of Cameroon, Ahmadou Ahidjo,opened the Njinikom Hospital, 47 years ago. The Patron of the Hospital, Bobe Bath Chia Kiyam, told The Post: “President Ahidjo opened this Hospital in 1963. Ssince then, there has been no major incident.

The quality, too, of the job which was done at that particular time, has quite changed as at now; there were certain diseases which medical experts had not discovered the medicines by then, but today, the medicines are there and I think it is something to celebrate.” And as the Njinikom Hospital inches on to its 50th Birth Day, in 2013, Bobe Kiyam, was of the opinion that preparations, if not yet started, could start off right away.

Biya To Be Invited

Asked if he would wish Ahidjo’s predecessor, Paul Biya, to be part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, he chuckles: ” think that will be great if the authorities of the Hospital will remember, I think it will be necessary to invite the President of the Republic to come and see the job which his predecessor came and opened 50 years ago,” he said.

The hospital perches on a hilly site at Njinikom. The calm and cool and clean environment is enough to soothe away a heavy dose of the pain you might be feeling, even before you meet the doctor. The matron holds the patients are given the utmost attention.

It is armed with a staff of 83, 53 trained and with a 220 bed-capacity for patients. The matron holds that the cost of treatment is affordable. “Consultation fee is FCFA 500 and a night in the ward is FCFA 200. For the special wards its FCFA 5, 000,” she said. She disclosed that the hospital sees about 35 000 to 37 000 patients yearly. And besides the services they offer, they intend to have ear, throat and nose specialists in the future.

“Within the last 10 years, the hospital has changed a lot. We have a modern maternity unit now, a pharmacy and a theatre. The patron, Bobe Kiyam was especially appreciative of the work that the matron has been doing for hospital for the last few years. He also thanked the donors of the Hospital from Holland and other local donors like the Bobe Eric Njong of BUNS Ent., whom, he said, sponsored the construction of a laundry unit.

Members of the public have praised the efforts of the Matron and Catholic Authorities for such a facility. Some wished that the road to the hospital from the Njinikom Roundabout, be tarred to ease traffic to and from the hospital.

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