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Nkambe Mayor Provokes Uproar At Tamfu 

By Panky Wamey

CameroonPostline.com — A speech by the Mayor of Nkambe at the funeral of Hon. Samuel Ngeh Tamfu recently, caused an uproar that almost led to a free-for-all fight. Said Jones Mangoh Tanko, “Pa Tamfu has been the most powerful politician from Donga-Mantung. He hated anyone who opposed him or did not follow his instructions. This manifested itself in various forms.

Every DO or SDO who did not follow his dictates was sent away. Civil servants especially teachers who showed any signs of opposition to him were sent away from Nkambe, although he showed no powers of bringing more. The Mayor was the first transferred on this count to Kouseri in 1992, and in 1993 to Lycée Mora. He personally wrote my reclassification in my civil service career…,”

The Mayor was not allowed to continue with his eulogy as one of late Tamfu’s daughters rose to attack him but she was intercepted. She wept profusely. A son equally rose to his feet to attack the outspoken Mayor from x-raying the odds of their father in public and during such a mournful event.

The Mayor was stopped by security agents who saw the event getting sour and led him to his seat. The uneasy calm remained for over 45 minutes until the Divisional Officer of Nkambe Central gently escorted the Mayor off the grandstand.

Calm only returned when the SDO for Donga-Mantung, Theophile Nzeki, assured the bereaved family of total protection. He stated that late Tamfu had done so much for Donga-Mantung people that his burial must pass in peace and tranquillity.

Meanwhile, the latter part of the Mayor’s speech that was not read states that Pa Tamfu had lived well on the opposition bench in the early 60s until he had his goals to reap from the Ahidjo regime. It reveals that the old Tamfu remained firm for the union with Nigeria but only preferred Ahidjo’s regime when he thought of his achievements.

Mangoh said late Tamfu championed the desire for the Far North West or Savannah Region with headquarters in Nkambe.  “Pa was close to the Head of State. He was at the centre of CPDM politics and yet did not get for us the Regional status which he fought with all his life. Now Pa is no more; who will now step into Moses’ shoe?

I want to end here that when a leader is refused the amenities he wants for his people, the people will surely reject such a group. Anyone who wants to step into this shoe must first of all bring our Far Northwest Region or else, we can’t allow you to talk to us,” states the speech. While some people blamed the Mayor for being too blunt, others praised him for his courage

First published in The Post print edition no. 01342

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