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Nkwen Youths Want FCFA 220 M Shared Equitably 

By Chris Mbunwe
— Youths from Nkwen in Bamenda III Sub-division recently besieged the Fon’s palace, protesting what they termed unscrupulous and unmerited recipients of compensations paid by MAGZI Company to owners of land at the Ntahnah neighbourhood in Nkwen. The protest was sparked off by the visit of Georges Manon Christol, General Manager of the Industrial Zone Development and Management Authority to Bamenda.

Nkwen Fon’s palace

Manon had gone to Bamenda to ensure that FCFA 220 million disbursed by the company was effectively paid as compensation for land at Ntahnah Nkwen – the proposed industrial zone area. The siege kept the Divisional Officer of Bamenda III Subdivision, Walters Takang, the Fon of Nkwen, Ngufor, and Mayor Cletus Fonguh, on their toes for over a week.

As tension heightened, a crisis meeting was convened on June 3 by the DO Bamenda III, bringing together all the stakeholders and resolutions we taken for peace to reign. The meeting at the Nkwen Fon’s palace reiterated that Ntahnah has always been considered as Nkwen community land from time immemorial and should not be sold, bought, transferred to aliens, demarcated by pillars or land certificates.

A Resolution Committee headed by Barrister Simon Abongwa Ngu, Chairman, Dr. Joseph Nkwenti Chuala, Secretary and Lucas Afong as member resolved that the entire Nkwen stands for the industrial zone and the construction of a referral hospital at Ntahnbang neighbourhood. 
They resolved that no individual or group of person shall disrupt or divert the implantation of these institutions in Nkwen.

For peace to reign, it was resolved that “all amounts of money collected, be it in cheques or cash by individuals, families, representatives of deceased people, heirs, business persons as compensation from Ntahnah-Nkwen be paid into a collective fund to be put in place by the committee in charge of retrieving such funds cited in the preamble.” 

It was equally decided that the list of all  beneficiaries of the Ntahnah-Nkwen compensation scheme, indicating the various amounts received be retrieved from the SDO Mezam by the committee in charge and be duly authenticated at the MAGZI office in Yaounde.

Considering the fact that the Nkwen Village Council has been dormant, it was resolved that it should be dissolved and a new village council democratically elected. The new village council will, therefore, together with the “Kwifor” of Nkwen, prescribe solutions to the several problems plaguing the Fondom of Nkwen.

According to the five-page resolution signed by Barrister Simon Abongwa, Dr. Joseph Nkwenti and Lucas Afong, the Nkwen water supply systems management committee should equally be dissolved and a new one elected because of its high level of levity.

Emphasis was also put on the fact that the traditional committee in charge of evaluation and compensation for the land to house the referral hospital be dissolved as well. It was suggested that the names of supposed beneficiaries be properly scrutinised at the level of the Sub-divisional Delegate of Agriculture Bamenda III, the SDO Mezam and all relevant Technical services involved in the process. 

This should be done with the collaboration of Nkwen elite, the resolution stated. Before the meeting rose, the members all agreed that these resolutions should be implemented within two weeks because another meeting has been slated for June 17.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01349

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