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No Appointment, No Disappointment 

By Bouddih Adams

CameroonPostline — The Supreme State Control has ordered some heads of institutions who misappropriated State funds to pay them back into the State Treasury. This may be disappointing to families and friends of the mis-appropriators of such funds.

But that is what many a Cameroonian has been requesting from the Sparrow Hawk, or President Biya, who is its pilot, that, instead of imprisoning his Ministers, Secretaries General, General Managers of State Corporations, Heads of Services and so on, the President should rather have them pay the money into the State Treasury and let it be injected or reinvested into the economy and development.

The disappointment, disgrace or stigma on these embezzlers is equal to sentencing them in prison, because, just like there is a court of public opinion, there is a silent and psychological imprisonment which is the person’s image in the eyes of the public. If they embezzled, let them pay and it be made public; but if they didn’t, let them be set free and that too made public, to remove the stigma.

It goes without saying that the persons who embezzled did so from the position into which they were appointed as heads of institutions. That is, if these persons were not appointed, they wouldn’t be disappointed, as it were. If the people had just remained in their normal jobs and served the nation and the State in their humble way, this disgrace would not have come.
People have done all sorts of things to be appointed. And when they were appointed, they had to continue doing all sorts of things to maintain their appointment.

Otherwise respected people stole ballot boxes and ran with them like common law criminals. Others looked around furtively, and after stuffing ballot boxes to give advantage to their appointer, thought they could pay themselves back by stealing from the public till. Some took too much for the true owner (the people) to realise it, and when they raised the alarm, the appointer said there was no proof.

They probably thought that if you steal for someone, he cannot complain if you steal for yourself.
All the motions of support that ever went to Biya ended with thanking him for appointing a son or daughter “of the soil” to positions of responsibility or pleaded with him to appoint sons and daughters “of the soil” to positions of responsibility.

The welcome addresses, speeches and other discourses ended up with or did not leave out the point, appointments, which is usually the underlying issue of such motions. And the appointments do come, so that the people can continue to steal votes to the benefit of the appointer.

The thing about appointments in Cameroon is not that the person is happy that he is being given an opportunity to serve his country, like obtains elsewhere. What those appointed are interested in is the Article 2 of the decree appointing them. Most, if not every appointment has two articles; the appointment itself, which comes in the Article 1 of the decree, then, Article 2,

which states: “les intéressés auront droit aux advantages de tout nature prévus par la reglementation en vigeur (the appointed have the right to advantages of all nature provided by the regulation in force (my translation). Plus all the advantages and benefits, the appointed becomes a vote holder – money is put at his/her disposal to run the Government department or institution – which they can draw from and buy sumptuous cars and build luscious houses.

That is where the power in appointments resides and that is where it takes rise from, enters the head of the appointed person and he or she cares little or nothing about the suffering masses around, but their family and friends who cheer them up. So, the true cause of these arrests and detentions and those being publicly disgraced for having embezzled money, is appointments. People may soon turn down appointments.

Appointments actually made a few people to become so stupid, to say the least, childish. We know a few people were promoted because of their knowhow in their various fields, but once they were up there, they quickly looked for CPDM party uniform which they donned and attended even events which had nothing to do with politics or political parties, for instance, the installation of an SDO.

Because of the arrest and detention of all these appointees for embezzlement of state funds, by their appointer and the ultimate person for whom they perpetrated all vicious acts against the people, the crowds that usually came out to beg him to appoint their son or daughter are thinning down. So is his influence waning.

The turnout at May 20 this year was a disgrace. The President, who, once from the grandstand would see an endless sea of heads, could only see pockets of diehard militants idling uninterestedly – most of whom came just for the bite and drink after the event. 

The tiny outturn at Nyambizan for the laying of the foundation stone for the Memve’le dam project was, to say the least, shameful. And the cameramen of his master’s voice did a wonderful job in visual deception by not zooming out on the paltry turnout, as they would, if it were otherwise.

Fortunately, only members and militants of the ruling CPDM or its satellite parties are appointed.  That is why no member of opposition parties against whom they committed all undemocratic and vicious acts, is in Kondengui or New Bell for embezzling State funds.
No appointment, no disappointment.
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First Published in The Post No 1353

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