Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Noni DO Saves Population From BIR Harassment 

By Nform Willibroad B. Nformi

Divisional Officer, DO, of Noni, Martin Ngwa Manjong

Divisional Officer, DO, of Noni, Martin Ngwa Manjong[/caption]Four elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, armed to the teeth, October 20, stormed the Nkor Market in Bui Division of the Northwest Region and began forcing people who had opened their business premises to shutdown and quite the scene.

The villagers hesitated, but were threatened to obey by the irate soldiers who equally ordered the population to disperse.

Some members of the elite delegation that were in the field for an appeasement mission on the Anglophone Crisis, were surprised at what was happening and accosted the soldiers but were ignored.
Even the Mayor of Nkor, Francis Wache, who rushed out of his residence to find out what was happening, was equally ignored by the soldiers.

The Divisional Officer, DO, of Noni, Martin Ngwa Manjong, upon getting the information, rushed to the scene and ordered the population to resume their activities.

The soldiers temporary obeyed the administrator, but when the DO left for Kumbo to receive the visiting Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, the BIRs threatened to resume their uncouth exercise in Nkor and began harassing citizens who were going about their daily activities.

It was not until the General Manager of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering (Chantier Naval), Alfred Mbeng Forgwei, who arrived the scene and gave the soldiers some money that they withdrew to the barracks.

According to the DO, the soldiers had earlier complained of their unpaid allowances, which complain he had communicated to hierarchy.

He said he had even gone ahead to provide them with money for sustenance.
He therefore expressed surprise with the lawless attitude of the law enforcement officials on a peace-loving population.

Some Nkor residents told this reporter that ever since the arrival of the soldiers, there has been unnecessary harassment of the population.

Informed of the harassment, the military hierarchy immediately ordered for the withdrawal of the soldiers from Noni, and in less than three hours, a new contingent was on the way to replace their wayward colleagues.