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Noni Gets Electricity -At Last! 

By Nform Willibroad B. NformiWache and Forgwei

The population of all the Noni villages in Bui Division converged in the Subddivisional headquarters of Nkor, Friday, July 8, to witness the “reception of the electricity project” for the area.
Bui Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Theophile Nzeki, led a team of electrical engineers from the Delegation of Energy and Water Resources and other technical services to ascertain the supply of electricity in Nkor.

“I came to be sure that electricity has come to Noni. I cannot express my delight at the fact that electricity is finally here. Noni people have a legitimate right to be proud that the era of darkness in this area is over. The Government and the Head of State, HE Paul Biya, listened to their cry. Now, they should thank God Almighty for making the dream come true,” the SDO declared while addressing a mammoth crowd that defied a heavy downpour to receive him.

He said when he arrived in Bui Division some four years ago, he discovered, with pity, that Noni was the only Subdivision without electricity. He said he had vowed to do all within his powers to ensure that the area is lighted before his sojourn expires.

He told the Noni people that electricity heralds development, as the availability of current entails lots of issues. He said, with electricity in Noni, the people were sure to emerge with other parts of Cameroon.


The SDO, however, warned the population to protect the facility, be ready to connect current into their homes and business places but also to be prudent to avoid hazards.

He said, with electricity now available in the Subdivisional headquarters, the Electricity Company will be ready to come for connection as soon as there are a good number of subscribers.

He lauded Noni elites like the General Manager of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Company Ltd, Alfred Mbeng Forgwei, who was present for the ceremony, past and current Nkor Council executives, for throwing their weight behind the project in various and varied ways.

The SDO announced that, in addition to the electricity project that was sponsored by the Public investment Budget, PIB, two other electrification schemes were underway for the Subdivision with funding from the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Darkness Gives Way To Light

Speaking earlier, Nkor Council Mayor, Francis Wache, said the occasion was historic.
“In fact, today marks a historic turning point, a milestone, in the life of the Noni people. From today, the era of darkness has surely given way to that of light,” he said adding that he who brings light brings life.

The Mayor, while thanking the Government through the SDO for the electricity project, expressed the wish to see the rest of the Noni villages get electricity.

“On behalf of the Noni peope, I would like to express our profound appreciation to the Government for this wonderful achievement, which now stands tall in the minds of the Noni people. This is certainly a springboard for a speedy development in Noni. Mr. SDO, I plead that speedy action should be taken to complete the exercise in the other Noni villages of Din, Djottin, Lassin and Mbinon,” the Mayor appealed.
He also thanked the out-gone Council for planting the seed; the current Council for watering it; and God Almighty for decreeing it to come to fruition.

“Electricity has no colour. Let us all, therefore, thank God for this invaluable gift to the Noni people,” he said.

Long Walk To Light

The Noni electricity project was programmed in the 2014 Public Investment Budget, amounting to FCFA 90 million and had to be executed in three phases covering the villages of Din, Nkor, Lassin and Mbinon. The project envelope was, unfortunately, too small for the works involved. As a result, the stakeholders focused only on the electrification of the Subdivisional headquarters of Nkor.
The occasion was witnessed by the Divisional Officer for Noni, Nkwelle Ngome, the Fons of Noni, Ardos, dignitaries like the General Manager of Chantier Naval, a Noni indigene, who doubles as the Bui V CPDM Section President and an ecstatic population that turned out massively to witness the memorable event.
Dance groups, notably, the Ndong and the Kitemtem, thrilled the crowd with their enthralling and intoxicating cadences.


A Memorable Day For Noni

I consider today as a day with the greatest achievements for Noni people. It’s a memorable day for the Noni community, in particular, and Bui Division, at large.
If we are celebrating today with such fervour and fanfare, it is because it has taken us such a long road to be where we are today. There were innumerable hurdles but, thank God, MINEPAT provided the means for us to intervene with all the available tools at our disposal. More important, the SDO stepped in and took his responsibility and a new transformer was installed. I am glad we succeeded as we now have electricity in Nkor with bulbs shining at the Main Junction, the DO’s Office and the former Council Office.
The multiplier effect of the electrification in Nkor will be the creation of job opportunities; in short, the coming of electricity to Nkor will boost diversified economic activities.

Chief Dominic Fotsop Yenai Asaah, Divisional Delegate of MINEPAT

Noni Is Now Linked To The World

As far as I am concerned, Noni is now linked to the world. The population can now have access to ICTs: Internet, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
I am overwhelmed with joy today because there were too many problems with the contractor and the project delayed. In fact, when I saw lights I was happy because it had solved a big problem. I think the population of Noni Subdivision will be happy. I hope this light will bring development to Noni.

Botiba Romuald, Divisional Delegate of Public Works

He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best

I am very happy that this project has finally come to fruition. As the Fon of Din village, my joy cannot be complete until my village is lighted, too. We hope that the Minister of Energy will honour his promise by ensuring that electricity is finally extended to Din and all the other Noni villages that had to benefit from the project. We are convinced, nonetheless, that he who laughs last will laugh best.

Fon Solomon Dom, Fon of Din

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