Sunday, November 18, 2018
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By a Correspondent

The people of Mbinon, in Nkor Noni Sub division, now have a Fon. He is Fon Michael Djin Ndinwa. The ‘missing’ Fon was ‘found’ in Buea on Tuesday, January 18.

Newly enthroned Fon Michael Djin ndinwa shares palm wine with subject

Before his capture, Michael Ndinwa was resident in Tole and a businessman in wood supply.
Following a letter dated Jan 12, the Divisional Officer, DO, for Nkor, Polycarp Meh, requested the assistance of competent authorities to promptly dispatch “Mr Djin Michael Ndinwa heir to the throne of Mbinon village in Noni Sub Division.

” In his letter, the DO pointed out that, besides failing to come after hearing of the passing away of Fon Ndansa, Mr Ndinwa’s absence from the village was particularly preoccupying because, the DO said, “in accordance with the Native laws and customs of the Mbinon people all activities are suspended in the village until the vacant throne is occupied.” Before the traditional enthronement, Fon Ndinwa pleaded that, as a struggling man, he needed to take care of his teenage kids. A protracted scuffle ensued before he was stripped of his ordinary dresses and bedecked in royal regalia.

Dr Robert Tanjong Ndi, a prominent son of Mbinon, had, in a letter, also been requested by the Kingmakers to assist in “capturing the missing Fon.” That is why, when Bofa Ndiyai of Mundim, Marcel Nyang, arrived in Buea, as an envoy of his Kingmaker colleagues, he promptly contacted Dr Ndi and other sons of Noni to begin the search.

Once the found Fon was ‘arrested’, he was escorted to Dr Ndi’s house where the Fon to-be put up a spirited resistance. It took the efforts of scores of hefty Noni youths to subdue him. As he violently resisted the enthronement, flinging his legs at those who tried to pin him down, Fon Ndinwa wailed loudly, complaining that his life had now been ruined, because, he said, he would no longer be able to give his children the education they deserved. In an adjoining room, the wife wept, wondering why God had reserved such a fate for her. The women folk consoled her, pointing out that the village needed her husband more, so as to bring about family unity and development. The tears flowed until her eyes turned bloodshot.

Commenting on the event, Francis Wache, a Buea-based son of Noni, said: “Today, in all of Noniland, in general, and Mbinon, in particular, there will be joy and jubilation. For, don’t forget: once the Fon is missing, life literally grinds to a halt. But, once the people hear that their missing father has returned, activities resume, especially as there will soon be festivities for the funeral of the late Fon and celebrations marking the crowning of the incumbent.”

Fon Michael Djin Ndinwa takes over from Fon Christopher Tatah Ndansa who died on December 16 last year. Born in 1935, Fon Ndansa was crowned on February 2, 1966. During his 34-year reign, the energetic and peace-loving Fon Ndansa brought a series of development projects to his village. His last public appearance was when he recently travelled from Mbinon to Bamenda to welcome President Paul Biya.

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