Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Northwest Administration Decries Sacking Of HIV/AIDS Infected Workers 

By Chris Mbunwe


The Secretary General at the Northwest Governor’s Office, Absalom Monono Woloa, has expressed disappointment with employers who dismiss their workers who are living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Monono Woloa was speaking at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue grandstand, May 1, where he represented the Northwest Governor during Labour Day celebrations.

Monono said the administration was angry especially with employers in the region, chiefly in Mezam Division.

Talking on this year’s Labour Day theme; “Let’s Fight HIV/AIDS”, Monono said though this pandemic causes absenteeism at work, nobody has the right to terminate any infected worker be it in the public or private sector. 

He advised those who are already infected to take their treatment regularly, and for those outside the ring to get to know their status and remain faithful. 

To the infected and affected families, he called for assistance and comfort from relatives and friends, not stigmatisation.

Monono said over 35 million people worldwide are suffering from HIV/AIDS and in Cameroon six percent of the population is infected. He cautioned employers to treat HIV infected workers with equity and justice.

The Secretary General also dwelled on responsibilities of workers.

Earlier in a welcome speech, Lawrence Fobin, the representative of all Trade Unions in the Northwest, said the prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection in the region has dropped significantly from 8 percent to less than 6 percent. He was quick to add that this should not be an encouraging sign for the sexually active groups to continue with bad habits of promoting unproductive sex. 

Fobin condemned homosexuality and made it clear that it is against the laws of Cameroon and those involved should desist from the practice.

Meanwhile, among top recommendations Trade Unions forwarded to Government for speedy action were, increase in salaries of civil servants, payment of research allowances to private and religious schools, quick hearing of labour matters, and pensions paid to retirees on time rather than delay these allowances only to pay after the worker is dead. 

Fobin equally called for the maintenance of roads in Bamenda and other towns of the Northwest and thanked the Government for reducing the official documents for commercial bike riders (bendskin) from 18 to six.

Para-public companies as well as those of the private sector participated in the march past along Commercial Avenue, and The Post Newspaper was hailed as the only leading newspaper that registered and marched

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