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Northwest Boycotts February 11 Celebration 

By Chris Mbunwe

The march-past to commemorate February 11 aka Youth Day in Bamenda lasted only 12 minutes with just about 135 students, out of 16,000 from the University of Bamenda, UBa, marching.

The students were transported under armed escort to and from the grandstand.

The pitiable turnout, unlike in previous editions of February 11 in Bamenda, where all government schools and private institutions competed in the march-past, was a clear indication that the population of the Northwest had boycotted the celebration.

Ten students from GBHS Bamendakwe, 13 from GBHS Down Town, one Francophone primary school (Ecole Camp Militaire), five students from Government Bilingual Training College, marched.

Workers of the Regional Delegations of Trade, Environment and Forestry, Economy Planning and the Governor’s Office, also marched, led by the Chief of Cabinet at the Governor’s Office.

The CPDM is the only party that marched, with about 100 militants from Bamenda I Subdivision, mobilised by Mayor Caroline Bi Bongwa, as Governor Lele L’Afrique clapped for them.

In Ndop, the few people who occupied the grandstand were ordered by the SDO to come out and march before going back to take their seats, since there were no students to march.

The same scenarios prevailed in Nkambe, Kumbo and other towns of the Northwest Region.

Even traditional rulers did not turn up, despite the fact that they allegedly received money to mobilise the population to come out and march.

In Bali, hundreds of youths, mostly SCNC activists, who came marching and singing liberation songs, hoisted the Southern Cameroons flag after officials had left the grandstand and gone feasting.

Troops descended on the ceremonial grounds and arrested many of the youths.


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