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NOWEFU Crowns Woman, CPDM Stalwarts As New Ntumfors 

The decision was taken during the first executive meeting of NOWEFU which took place at the Bafmeng Fon’s Palace, Saturday, February 7.

The eight Ntumfors are: Calistus Fuh Gentry, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines and Technological Development (Donga-Mantung); Hon.Fidelis Nji Muh Eziah, National Assembly Questor and CPDM MP for Menchum, will act on behalf of his Division. Jerry Mbaku, an attaché at the Prime Minister’s Office (Momo Division); Hon.Musa Njingum (Ngoketunjia). Eric Njong, Proprietor of the BUNS Group (Boyo) and Lawrence Shey, Mayor of Jakiri Council (Bui).

Mezam is the only Division with two Fons’ Messengers: Jonathan Fru for Santa and Elizabeth Mofor, the only woman in the group, who hails from Bafut. A NOWEFU Exco member, who preferred anonymity, said the new Messengers will be presented to the Northwest population sometime in March during a ceremony in Bamenda to be organised by the Union.

Explaining the selection exercise, our source said the eight were chosen from among more than a hundred names proposed by the various members of the Union. Our source also justified the choice of two representatives from Mezam on the grounds that the Division has the largest population.

The Post, however, learnt that the choice of Jonathan Fru was to satisfy Hon. Simon Achidi Achu who occupied a special position during the February 7meeting. It is noteworthy that, of the eight new "Ntumfors", seven are well known CPDM lackeys, the exception being Eric Njong.

Hon. Musa Njingum is unmistakably the choice of Fon Isaac Chafah 11of Bangolan who openly campaigned for him against Hon. Emmanuel Yoyo during the last parliamentary elections.
Concerning Ntumfor Nico Halle, our informant said the issue of his suspension never featured on the agenda.

One curious aspect of the meeting, though, was the presence of the Fon of Nso, Nsehm Mbinglo 111, who had earlier declared during the Awing Fon’s 10th anniversary celebration that the Northwest had only one Ntumfor. He reportedly raised no objections about the designation of the new Ntumfors.

The Fon of Bali, who initiated the Ntumfor title, was also conspicuously present. Of all the new Ntumfors, only Fidelis Nji attended the Bafmeng event, ostensibly because he hails from here and, also, perhaps, because he had planned a ceremony, around the same period, to present micro-project money to his constituency.

Our NOWEFU source confessed that none of the new Fons’ Messengers knew they would be appointed. Mrs.Elizabeth Mofor, on learning the news, expressed surprise that a woman could be appointed Ntumfor. Our source explained Mrs Mofor’s choice was intended to keep abreast with the popular notion of gender balance.

Jerry Mbaku, one of the new Ntumfors, could not hide his joy. He told The Post that he started serving the Momo Fons’ Union from the date of its existence and that he took care of the new NOWEFU when its members were being presented to the Prime Minister. The Bafmeng meeting was characterised by acrimonious debates, especially because the financial records were not straight.

A NOWEFU source disclosed that an auditor was appointed and his findings will be made public on February 22 after another Exco meeting to hold in Bamenda. It should be noted that the new "Ntumfors" are not permanent. This means when the mandate of Fon Francis Aneng ends, so also will theirs. The President General who takes over from the Fon of Aneng can renew their mandate according to his wish.

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