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NOWEFU Fons Rub Mud On Royalty 

*Chafah Says Teche Is Disgracing Fons’ Union

*And Teche… ‘I’m Convinced That Chafah Is Not A CPDM Militant’

By Chris Mbunwe

Fon Chafah XI, Paramount Fon of Bangolan, Secretary General of the National Council of Cameroon Traditional Rulers and Promoter and co-founder of the Northwest Fon’s Union, NOWEFU, in a correspondence to the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Mezam, dated May 18, and copied to the Head of State and Prime Minister, has appealed to the SDO to check what he refers to as the excess of Senator Fon Teche Njei, outgoing President General of NOWEFU before he destroys the Union.

As President General of NOWEFU, whose three years mandate has long expired, it is mooted that Fon Teche is bent on revising the Constitution to remain in office.
According to Fon Chafah, successive Presidents who have headed NOWEFU in the past years handed over peacefully at the end of their mandates, which is in line with articles 40 and 41 of the Union’s Constitution, which stipulates that each mandate is three years, non-renewable and rotatory from one Division to another.
The following Fons, according to Fon Chafah, have led NOWEFU;Abumbi II of Bafut, Sehm Mbinglo of Nso, Chafah, Francis Aneng of Bafmeng and Teche Njei of Ngien-Muwa.

“Teche was elected on March 6, 2012, and has refused to convene an Elective General Assembly after the expiration of his mandate on March 16, 2015, thereby putting our cardinal principle of rotation based on fair play and justice in jeopardy.
“This unfortunate attempt by Fon Teche to deprive Donga Mantung and Boyo Divisions of their own turn to head NOWEFU is posing a serious threat to the peace and unity of Northwest Fons in particular and the Region in General,” Chafah noted.

In his letter to the SDO, Fon Chafah reminded him that when Governor Adolphe Lele L’Arique, summoned some NOWEFU members two months ago to look for a lasting solution to the crisis, he was deeply impressed with his sense of fairness, justice and above all, his respect for legality and the respect of the NOWEFU Constitution.
In this light, the Governor ordered the SDO to convene another meeting where the NOWEFU Constitution and declaration receipts were to be presented for analysis and implementation.

Strange enough, Chafah said, the SDO rather summoned Fon Teche and a handful of his sympathizers, excluding the prominent Second Class Fons of the Region.
During the meeting, Chafah went on, the SDO declared NOWEFU illegal and instructed Fon Teche to convene a General Assembly to adopt a new Constitution that suits, “their destructive agenda” “This administrative conspiracy by the Mezam administration completely ignored the disastrous repercussion it is likely to have on the peace and unity amongst the Fons and the Northwest people”, Fon Chafah wrote.

Fon Chafah equally informed the SDO that the Fons are conscious of their role as auxiliaries of the administration and respect State institutions and the laws of the country.

NOWEFU’s major goal as an association, he went on, is to promote peaceful co-existence of Cameroonians, which are conditions sine-qua-non for the socio-economic advancement of Cameroon in general and the Northwest in particular.
As such, “a General Elective Assembly of NOWEFU to pass over leadership to the remaining two Divisions is the only acceptable solution to the NOWEFU crisis”, Chafah wrote.

Fon Chafah said Senator Teche has never convened a General Assembly or an executive meeting of NOWEFU since his election in 2012, thus leading the association single handedly with demagogy, manipulation, division and misinformation.
Fon Chafah accused Senator Teche of sidelining his Secretary General, Fon Ndofoa Zofoa of Babungo. “Being the first Third Class Fon with a very tiny population to head NOWEFU, Teche has systematically excluded all First Class and prominent Second Class Fons of the Region from the affairs of the Union, so as to continuously manipulate the few Fons who run after him.”

Fon Teche is equally accused of making clandestine trips to Yaounde to harass State officials for pecuniary gains and self-aggrandizement, using NOWEFU.
This, according to Chafah, is ridiculing and disgracing the once respected Fons Union.
“Worse still, no account has been rendered for the FCFA millions that were collected during the grand fund-raising organised by FonTeche after his election for the completion of the NOWEFU multi-purpose Secretariat. The Secretariat that was already 80 percent completed under my Presidency has remained the same. In fact, the huge sum of money that was collected from prominent state personalities has ended up in private pockets.”

With the expiration of Fon Teche’s mandate, on March 16, Chafah holds that he no longer has the mandate to act on behalf of NOWEFU and so…
“Any attempt by him to convene any meeting to modify the Constitution shall be considered null and void and any administrative authority working with him in that capacity is no longer doing so in the interest of the Northwest Fons.

According to Fon Chafah, the Advisory Council of NOWEFU shall be meeting very soon to chart a way-forward for the association, with a view to putting in place a transitional committee that will organise elections for a new President General.
In reaction to Fon Chafa’s correspondence, Senator Fon Teche told this Reporter that he has received the correspondence from Fon Chafah.

“It is a good thing that you have called me to get my own side of the story, unlike others who received the document and went wild without investigating.
Let me tell you that there are over 300 Fons in NOWEFU, and somebody will sit in his bedroom, claiming that he is the Promoter of NOWEFU and write such a letter.Who crowned him as Promoter?And let me tell Fon Chafah that when we started this union, he was still a baby and a student in ENAM. Today as a Magistrate, he writes in a confused manner.

At one point, he is blaming President Biya for appointing me Senator, at another he claims that he is more CPDM because all of his Ngoketunjia is CPDM. I am convinced that Fon Chafah is not a CPDM militant. He should be told that I am a Section President and Central Committee Member. He is nobody when we sit to talk serious political issues.” FonTeche boasted.

Fon Teche said Chafah cannot claim to be a supporter of Paul Biya and use derogatorylanguage on Government.
“His problem is with my post, not NOWEFU. This is a guy who is finding fault and fighting everybody. He fought Ntumfor Nico Halle. Today he is on Teche, because Teche is Senator and he is not.

As a trained Magistrate, Fon Chafah, in his writing should have used palatable words not insults on the SDO for Mezam. These are the last kicks of a dying horse. He sounds so destructive in his language that sons and daughters of the Northwest and NOWEFU should not listen to such writings. NOWEFU has no file at the SDO Office, which is the registry of associations.”

On the document they used to elect him into office three years ago? Teche replied:
“Sincerely, NOWEFU has no file and has been existing illegally. It has never been officially registered.
The Post reminded him that in Chafah’s correspondence to the SDO there is an acknowledgement receipt signed by the former SDO for Mezam Jules Marcelin Ndjaga, current Governor of the South Region, on Nov, 10, 2006, Ref No.00100/E.29/1111/VOL-8/APPB, carrying names of Fon Isaac Chafah Mbunka of Bangolan as President General, Fon Martin Buzie Sanji Fobuzie of Chomba, as Secretary General, Fon Njokem as Treasurer Fon Angwafor III of Mankon as Adviser, who jointly registered and were issued the receipt.

Fon Teche still maintained his stand that such a thing is not found anywhere at the SDO Office.
The rather embittered Fon Teche said the Mezam SDO, Felix Nguele Nguele, in a recent communiqué after their meeting in his office has ordered that “we organise a General Assembly as soon as possible and adopt a Constitution which will pave the way forward for the putting in place of a legitimate executive of NOWEFU.”
Asked what will happen after the General Assembly.

“With the Constitution in place, we shall carry out elections and I am not going to gun for another mandate. I have never insulted the Fons of Donga Mantung as illiterates. Whoever fabricated that story will answer for it when the hour comes.”

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