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NOWEFU Leadership – Zenith Of A Royal Mafia 

Under its leader, Fon Francis Aneng, eight persons were chosen as "Special Envoys" of the Union. Seated throughout the deliberations and performing a dominant role in the selection was the "Old Fox" Simon Achidi Achu. Given Achidi Achu’s long standing phobia against Nico Halle, it was no surprise that nothing was mentioned about him. Those who argue that the NOWEFU leader was not up to real mischief are either myopic or deliberately prone to sophism.
How did Fon Aneng arrive at his decision?

The Conspiracy

The first thing to note about the Bafmen Fon is that he owes his position to Fon Chafah and certainly agreed with his mentor that Nico Halle was too transparent and outspoken for their liking and should be disposed of as soon as possible. A controversial suspension decision signed by Chafah on August 27, 2008, was reportedly very palatable to him. This explains why Fon Chafah’s so-called suspension decision has been maintained. During last Saturday’s meeting he decided to put it off the agenda, justifying his act with the hackneyed slogan that "administration is continuous.

Secondly, Fon Aneng has been persuaded to believe that Nico Halle opposed his candidacy during the race for NOWEFU leadership. Propaganda by the Chafah conglomerate had stigmatised Ntumfor as the financial wizard that bankrolled first Fon Fosi Yakumtaw of Bambalang against him (Chafah) in 2005 and then Fon Bahmbi III of Aghem against Aneng in 2008. Having, thus, convinced Fon Aneng that the fear of Nico Halle was the beginning of survival wisdom at the helm of NOWEFU, the stage was set for last Saturday’s melodrama that took place at the Bafmen Palace last Saturday.

CPDM Political Wolves

Before the Bafmen meeting, NOWEFU had already demonstrated its pro-CPDM inclination by sending a motion of support to President Biya following the appointment of Samuel Fonkam Azu’u as ELECAM Chairman.

As if inspired by the ELECAM example, Fon Aneng, in open defiance of the NOWEFU Constitution, which recommends political neutrality, proceeded to appoint well known CPDM stalwarts as "special envoys’ to NOWEFU. The most controversial of these CPDM wolves is Hon. Fidelis Nji, the "Special Envoy" from Menchum. He was reportedly a member of the commission that did the selection. It would have been a novelty if he rejected himself.

Another detestable case is Musa Njingum. Njingum has since been suspended as President of the Bamali Development and Cultural Association, PECHUP, by the Fon of his village. He is therefore a NOWEFU prophet unknown in Bamali. What is strange about the MPs is that by dint of their elections they were already messengers of their people. 

Like in the case of the MPs the other "Special Envoys" are people in lucrative positions. Lawrence Shang, for instance, is the Mayor of Jakiri, a rich CPDM-controlled council. Jonathan Fru, from Mezam, is the Director of General Administration in the Ministry of Transport. He is also another healthy source to be milked dry.  Calistus Fuh Gentry is a member of government while Jerry Mbaku is attaché at the PM’s office. The Post was reliably informed that Alhadji Baba Danpullo and Zachariah Awanga, Proprietor of National Financial Credit, contacted earlier, rejected the offer.

Why NOWEFU Shouldn’t Dare Call Them "Ntumfors"

What constitutes a sin is not the act, but the intention behind these acts. Fon Aneng dared not call them Ntumfors because the Fons of Banso and Chomba were present and would have poured execrations and invectives on him if he dared.

There is one other hard fact about the appointments The very fact that 8 people are being chosen to fit in Nico Halle’s shoes demonstrates just to what great height he has carried the Ntumfor title and its functions. In fact, so freak has the title been washed clean and polished by Ntumfor Nico Halle that even ministers are scrambling for it.

High Risk Venture

Memories of Ntumfor Nico Halle’s great contribution towards peace and unity in the Northwest are still fresh. So also are his excellent performances as NEO member.

Another significant observation is that during the February 7 meeting, Fon Chafah did most of the talking.  At the end, Fon Aneng refused to brief the press and was unfortunately backed by Fon Thomas McAkam, NOWEFU Secretary General. That was wrong. Before the court of history Fon Aneng will stand alone. But even before that court shall pass its ruling, the people of the Region would have taken their responsibilities.

Most of them contacted, have vowed that they won’t tolerate a gang of political hoodlums and election riggers posing as Ntumfors. They argue that there are thousands of other titles which could be given them. Fon Aneng and his group should therefore reconsider their decision to present their so-called "Special Envoys" as Ntumfors. The very fact that the list was hidden from the press is ample proof that Fon Aneng and his mentor, Chafah, understand the gravity of the matter.

When the historical court passes on Fon Aneng, Fon Chafah, who puppet-stringed him to power and trailed him like Christopher Marlowe’s devil Mephistopheles, will be absent.
But even before the historical court passes its ruling, Northwesterners could have taken their responsibility. That responsibility is to prevent the imposition on them of a gang of self-seeking CPDM stalwarts bent on once more taking the Northwest Region on a merry -go- round.