At each moment that you are amongst those selected by a group of persons and given the mantle of leadership, then you must work with all independence for the supreme interest of the governed, without fear or favour and with the Almighty God as your guide. If this turns out not to be so, then you make yourself a willing tool to be used by some hidden forces for selfish intentions and ipso-facto, you dash the hopes of those people thrust upon you. Simply put, you make yourself a lackey!

Fon Chafah of Bangolan, erstwhile NOWEFU President General, created the controversy surrounding the Ntumfor title when he dismissed Barrister Nico Halle from that position on some trumped-up charges. This decision was condemned by the public as largely unfair and he was called upon to rescind it. That was never the case. A cross-section of Northwest Fons, however, met in Awing and reconfirmed their confidence in Nico Halle as their Ntumfor by blessing him in public. The election of Fon Francis Aneng to replace Fon Chafah came as a welcome relief. He had Fon Dr. Akam, a university don, as his Secretary General.

Their election was highly saluted as a sure way of refocusing the affairs of NOWEFU, but little did we know that it was a ploy to continue with the perpetuation of partisanship, thereby deviating completely from the sacred duty of traditional rulers – fathers of the denizens of a particular village irrespective of their political leanings. As it is now, NOWEFU has lost authority to speak for all the traditional rulers of the Northwest. The leaders should take time off and rethink the mission of the Union. That these leaders sat and decided to appoint new Ntumfors is not the issue but the calibre of people appointed speaks volumes. They appointed eight new Ntumfors and coincidentally, all are CPDM heavyweights.

Surprisingly, there is a woman. It is a good thing that women are recognised by traditional leaders but, how feasible is it in a setting like Northwest Fondoms?
What makes the appointments more bizarre is the fact that the Secretary General, in an interview in Cameroon POSTline, claims he did not know that all the new Ntumfors were from the CPDM. He really expects us to believe this? Is that not some kind of negligence of duty that you sit and appoint people without knowing exactly whom you are appointing?

Admitted that they sincerely did not know who they were appointing and later discovered that they were all CPDM, what did they do? What is begging for an answer is whether this decision to appoint new Ntumfors was the will of the majority of Fons? If a majority took that decision, why is there such bickering now? Be that as it may; what is so peculiar with this Ntumfor title? The Northwest is inundated with titles. Why not select other titles and give them out to any groups of people who might have performed a feat worthy of praise?

Somewhere in Fon Akam’s interview, he was asked whether the suspension of Ntumfor Nico Halle had been lifted and he said he remains on suspension as his case was complicated!
Is that not very interesting? What makes it complicated? Why not tell us that your hands are tied since the Fon who took that decision, like a vulture, lies in wait to ensure you dare not revoke his decision?

The Fon Akam is unknowingly telling the world that their administration is an appendage of that of Fon Chafah; that, as leaders, they lack a sense of judgement and purpose. If they were truly independent, before proceeding to appoint new Ntumfors, they would have set up a new team to re-examine the Ntumfor saga and taken a clear position before going ahead to appoint new ones and doing so in a bipartisan manner.

Their present action has driven the chieftaincy institution in the Northwest Region into disrepute as their actions reduce them to mouthpieces of politicians. Worst of all, the reactions generated by the appointments from some Fons is indicative of the fact that their decision was a misnomer and hence, may lead to factions of this Union and this is something that nobody wants at this juncture. This Ntumfor title seems to be the source of all troubles for this Union. One is tempted to think that the success of this Union depends on this title. Let our Fons be told that, in the good old days, Presidents and Queens paid homage to the Fons.

They were viewed as demi-gods. This is, unfortunately, not the case today as most of them have reduced themselves to ridicule and shame simply because they want to curry favours. We appeal to them to rethink their actions or else, they may be swept by the tidal waves from such action. May I propose to the Fons to shortlist names of sons of the Region and allow one to be elected by the people to serve them.