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Obama, Cameron, Hawkers Of Anal Sex? 

By Azore Opio — What does sex through the anus sound like to you? Kinky? Weird? Obscene? Obnoxious? Perverted? Anal sex stinks! And it stinks high! In spite of all this litany of vicious adjectives, the march towards anal sex freedom continues briskly. Truth to tell, anal sex is hauntingly eerie and there is a general sense that many people’s sleep is being murdered as the campaign for anal sex and arse worship hots up. 

We think homosexuals are insane, and may be they are, and need mental health care in asylums. Homosexuality has always met with hailstorms of criticism and fierce debate in many parts of modern-day Africa. And what really makes the scheme distasteful in most Africans’ eyes might be the decision of homosexuality advocates to forcefully include unwilling revellers in the anal sex festival.

Anal sex, although largely unknown to many black Africans in Africa, is synonymous with homosexuality and can be found behind the scenes of many perverted sexual behaviours even of some persons “called” to the service of God; planing the wood against the grain?
Fast rewind. The people now trying to fuse homosexuality with the traditions of Africans are the same people who invaded Africa with the “Holy Bible” and condemned Africa’s traditional religions as loathsome, evil fetishes.

The Bible was the visa to God’s “holy land” and the “true” gospel of redemption. In the same Bible, the white man’s God not only loathes homosexuality but burns out a whole city in his anger against homosexuality. Fast forward. Today, the homosexual movement, having surreptitiously thrown the Bible out the church window, is trying to add to its list of clients the African family and innocent children.

Hypocrisy could be a mild word to describe one of the white men’s many treacherous behavioral traits. They did not only condemn and kill African indigenous religious beliefs and values, but also damned polygamy, nailed it on the ‘Cross of Promiscuity’ and instituted one-man-one-wife arrangement, and yet they never fail to keep mistresses and cheat on their wives or husbands. For them, divorce is the spice with which marriage is consummated. Africans have swallowed these social baits; hook, line and sinker.

The simple secrets of homosexuality had been carefully hidden by the priesthood of the anal sex cult. Average people simply could not understand the complications and implications of homosexuality, but as soon as the promoters learnt that they could manipulate the worth of anal sex and anus worship by selling gadgets such as lubricants, sex toys, anal beads [string of beads to be inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure], homosexual diapers and post-anal sex remedial services such as surgery to reconstruct ruptured anuses and rectums, they moved beyond the boundaries of Europe, America and Canada.

And when some societies averse to homosexuality refuse to buy into the anal sex industry, they make vengeful enemies. Heading the bitter homosexual league now, so to speak, and facilitating the overturn of social conventions are the Barack Obamas and the David Camerons under the pretext of respect for human rights.

Just recently Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni drew Obama’s fury when he signed a bill criminalizing homosexuality. Obama’s disappointment comes hot on the heels of Cameron’s threat to starve anti-homosexual nations of aid money. Sounds like cheap outdated blackmail and a futile attempt at giving the ripped anus a friendly make-over – people often realise the true danger of anal sex only when it is too late.

But is it really a wonder that Obama is disappointed with Museveni and Nigeria’s Goodluck for endorsing stiff laws against homosexuality? You will want to know that Obama’s Hawaii teaches sex education to pre-teenage children. The curriculum mentions frequently anal sex. And the anus is referred to as a genital organ. This is physiologically incorrect and medically wrong.

The sex education curriculum intent seems to be to normalize a homosexual standard of living, which obviously endorses anal sex as a prerequisite. Then, while referencing multiple sex partners, the curriculum conveniently avoids warning the children of the extreme dangers of anal sex; about infections such as STDs, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), genital warts and herpes which can be contracted through anal sex.

Human reproduction is a topic hardly touched in the Hawaii sex education curriculum. Which better time to recruit homosexual freshmen than the formative years in which children gain sexual identity, innocently? The homosexuals and their activists know this, and since they are intent on increasing their numbers, they have chosen to exploit the vulnerable innocent age group. Obama himself is very much aware of this.

It is a big joke not to warn children about the extreme dangers of anal sex. Statistics show that homosexuals and bisexuals account for nearly 70 percent of all new HIV and syphilis infections in the US. And this is what Obama and Co. are so hot to export at all cost and by any means possible. Did you get that bit about the Hawaii curriculum pigeonholing the anus as genitalia? Think about it. Since when did the anus become a vagina?

Fast rewind further back to the 19th Century in Canada. Much later in the century, sodomites were faced with the death penalty under the law involving ‘gross indecency’ between men. The death penalty law was rescinded, then adjusted to life imprisonment and further mellowed in 2005 to endorse same-sex relationships and legal adoption under the Civil Marriage Act. As we write this article, in Canada, those aged 18 and above can legally indulge in anal sex while those sixteen and above are allowed oral sex!

So, where are we heading to? Back to the Middle Ages and the era earlier when same-sex relationships where variously upheld or practised by different communities? And then again, can’t a people have the right and liberty to choose which lifestyle to accept and which to reject? Why do homosexuals think they can penetrate every other society with their weird ways of behavior?

If you ask me where we are really heading to, I will say, unmistakably, to hell. Anal sex gluttons aside, there are the more unique bestialists and zoophiles. Bestialists use and abuse animals for their own erotic gains. They rape animals for sexual pleasure inflicting pain and injury during the rape. 

Zoophiles meanwhile cultivate sexual relationships with their animals much in the same way as husband and wife. Or lovers. Those who sleep with dogs claim that it is entirely practical for a human to engage in sex with a male dog or a bitch; the limit is left for your imagination. The gate to hell is, without a doubt, wide open.

First published in The Post print edition 01508

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