Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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 By Lionel Tchoungui Bidzogo

The Son of former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Lt Col Adeboye Obasanjo, an army engineer at the 3rd Division in Jos, Plateau State was shot on September 8, by Boko Haram terrorists as he led soldiers on an offensive trip to reclaim Michika town in Adamawa State which fell into the hands of the insurgents.
An article published on Nigerian website, “Nigeria Camera”, claims that 24 soldiers were also reportedly killed during the encounter in which Lt Col Obasanjo was said to be seriously injured. 
The information holds that: the Defence Headquarters did not respond to inquiries seeking confirmation of the incident but a reliable military source, who confirmed the story, said the injured Obasanjo was receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Yola, the state capital.
At the time of the incident which took place at Baza, Major Gen J.S. Zaruwa, Colonel Victor Ebhaleme, who serves as the Brigade Commander of the 23rd Army brigade in Yola and Lieutenant Agwu were all together advancing towards Michika when Boko Haram fighters ambushed them and unleashed the deadly attack on the soldiers.
The online publication posits that, the army also lost an armoured tank to the militants. As a result of the attack, Mubi town has practically been deserted following the closure of schools and massive retreat of soldiers from the city. Meanwhile, as the insurgents overran Michika, security operatives were said to have fled when they ran out of ammunition on Sunday.
A competent source from Michika, who escaped the attack and is now taking refuge in the Gombi Council area of Adamawa State, expressed worry over the deadly attacks carried out by terrorists in the North-East. He regretted that this has destabilised the economic fortune of the citizenry who had laboured in this rainy season but had to abandon their farmlands.
Another resident who fled from the attack on Michika, Philemon Tumba, who is now residing with one of his relatives at the State University in Mubi, expressed fears that the insurgents may invade Mubi as the town is not far from Michika town which has been reclaimed by insurgents. Tumba explained that the terrorists, who succeeded in chasing away security operatives in Madagali town, invaded neighbouring Michika on Sunday and wreaked havoc on innocent civilians and internally displaced persons, before hoisting their black and white flags.
He added that, he was contemplating leaving Mubi town to another zone, when that the State University authorities gave directives that the school will remain closed on Monday and urged students to go back to their various homes for safety.

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