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Oct 1 Killings Confirm Wirba, Fru Ndi, Akere Muna Predictions Of Genocide 

By Bouddih Adams

Fru Ndi and Wirba

The killing of over 100 Anglophones on October 1 plus scores massacred earlier on September 22, has confirmed predictions by Hon. Joseph Wirba, Ni John Fru Ndi and Barrister Akere Muna that the Cameroon Government was planning genocide on Anglophones demanding their rights.

In July this year, opposition Social Democratic Front Chairman, John Fru Ndi, had told a visiting United Nations team that the Biya regime was planning genocide on Anglophones.

Telling the UN to hold President Paul Biya responsible if war breaks in Cameroon, Fru Ndi said if President Biya remains intransigent regarding the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, it will not be long for the country to disintegrate.

“The Anglophone communities are boiling. If the UN do think that they can’t interfere in the internal affairs of a country, let UN not intervene when war breaks out…” Fru Ndi told the visiting UN delegation to Cameroon, led by Pascale Roussy, the Electoral Political Affairs Assistant, and Francis Nadjita, UN Special Representative for Central Africa.

In a 16-point letter to the United Nations Secretary General, last September, the Member of Parliament, MP, for Jakiri special constituency, Hon. Joseph Wirba Mbiydzenyuy, called on the Secretary General of the United Nations to take special note of what he said is an ongoing genocide by the Biya regime on West Cameroon.

Hon. Wirba was pricked by an incident in which Gendarmes killed two young people in Bui Division, to buttress his claims of a systematic genocide on West Cameroon.

Barely days to the planned restoration and celebration of the independence of the Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia on October 1, Barrister Akere Muna, one-time Bar President, wrote a letter to observe that the Yaounde Government was planning genocide on Anglophones as they planned to stage a demonstration to commemorate the independence of Southern Cameroon on October 1.

The shooting of people in connection to the demands of Anglophones, the killing of dozens of peaceful marchers on September 22 and the slaying of demonstrators on October 1 make the pronouncements of these Anglophone personalities look like prophesies.

The deployment of troops with live bullets to fight unarmed demonstrators has therefore confirmed the assertions of these personalities of the Government planning genocide on Anglophones on their demands.

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