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Oct 7 Elections: Biya Proclaimed Winner Amidst Heavy Deployment Of Troops 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

The Constitutional Council on Monday October 22, declared the incumbent President Paul Biya of the ruling CPDM party, winner of the October 7 Presidential poll. The solemn ceremony at the Yaounde Conference Centre came under very heavy deployment of troops.

Besides the fact that the Conference Centre was cordoned off by heavily armed combined squad of the gendarmerie and police elements, soldiers of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, constantly combed the streets of the nation’s capital in combat gear. As the Constitutional Council presented the results, the troops were almost omnipresent, making sure that nobody raised a finger of protest against the results of the election.

The deployment of troops came on the heels of widespread claims that opposition militants, especially those of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, would take to the streets to protest against the stolen victory of their candidate, Prof. Maurice Kamto.

The Council had paved the way for the incumbent’s victory when it rejected all the 18 electoral petitions that painted the ubiquitous nature to the fraud that characterised the election. The atmosphere that enveloped the proclamation of the results was tense and ominous as allegations that Cameroonians would pour out to the streets to protest Biya’s victory, was rife.

According to the results, the Constitutional Council presented, President Paul Biya emerged the overall winner with 71.28 percent score. From the statistics presented, President Biya won in nine of the ten regions, keeping his closest challenger, Prof. Maurice Kamto, at a very safe distance with just 14.23 percent score.

The performance of the other candidates in order of merit stood ad follows: Libii Li Ngue Ngue Cabral 6.28 percent; Osih Joshua Nambangi 3.35 percent; Ndam Njoya Adamou 1.73 percent; Garga Haman Adji 1.55 percent; Ndifor Afanwi Franklin 0.67 percent; Serge Espoir Matomba 0.56 percent and Muna Akere Tabeng 0.35 percent.