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Of Old Timers Artists And Music 

By Martin Wose Yangange

Old timers, for some listeners, is music that aches the ear. For others, it is music for old persons and people identified with anachronistic attitudes and who must be non-fashionable.
Kevin Njomo, veteran journalist and host of an old timer music show on CRTV’s Mount Cameroon FM in Buea, has this reading of the old timers concept:

"It is a forum for middle age persons whose place may not be the night club. While this category of people are keen on out-door activities and music in particular, the old timers’ show would serve as a forum for relaxation that brings back good memories of the yesteryears."

Others have evergreen memories of dates and activities, including marriages, birth of a child or children, professional development and more. The old timers experience is not only a Cameroonian thing.  Joseph Kuti, a journalist with The Sun in Nigeria, runs a similar program. Kunle of Sky Radio in Lagos does same, including J. Austin in Cross River State, Calabar.

"Le platin de Papa," another old timers’ radio show on the CRTV National Station in Yaounde, presented by Rene Kane Bernard Bogondo in the French language, is another experience to write home about. Listeners say it all. Some popular participants like Pa Ejua (70+), wouldn’t sleep until "Yesterday", the old timers’ show on Mount Cameroon FM, every Friday from 10.00 – 12.00pm is over.

The programme, for many listeners, goes down memory lane to resurrect reminiscences of their youthful and active days. Some would say the days when they were full of power, the days when they had money or the days when God created the best quality of mankind.
Njomo sees all these as social history: "It is a particular experience for every listener and this is so because of the different life situations," he maintains.

The old timers of today were the songs of yesterday and today’s songs signal the songs of tomorrow’s old timers. We, the people of today, might not have the old timers of 1900. The old timers programme is a bridge of yesterday and today and, because we are privileged, today, with digital gadgets and sophisticated documentation equipment, the current generation have the opportunity to learn about the past.

Asked why Old Timers is taking a phenomenal posture, Njomo says: "We have plans, our band may hit the studio any time soon. The programme is not just CRTV night time show…"
The old timers’ band of band leader, Njomo, is a club of friends, most of them from Sasse Old Boys Association fame.

His programme and related activities have come to stay and it is the reason why the author of "Fuel for Love," Ginger Focha, all along taken for a Nigerian, hit the stage in Kumba during one of those out-door Old Timers club nights, where he revealed to his audience that he was a Cameroonian. This, thanks to the resourcefulness of his friend, Njomo.
Why would we not all watch out also for Grape Vines, when Cameroon Calling CRTV Radio Programme comes alive, because it is Njomo Kevin?

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