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Of Political Leaders And ELECAM 

By William Takang Enow, Buea

Since the rebirth of multi-party politics in Cameroon in 1990, political observes and analysts have year after year, seen Cameroonians as noisy people who cannot learn from past mistakes. One election after the other, since 1992, we have often cried over spilt milk after massive fraud, just because our efforts to fight rigging at elections have never been well calculated to avoid the fraud.

The burning issue in focus now is the ELECAM palaver. This is a body of CPDM officials grouped together in the name of an independent electoral commission. That is why this action of government has widely been condemned by most of the leading opposition leaders in Cameroon.

Following a recent call by ELECAM officials that, new registration and updating of the old registers would start in mid August, it would be an abomination if these very party leaders, who have vehemently condemned the composition of ELECAM, would turn around and request their militants to go and register.

Dr. Adamu Ndam Njoya, who is known as Mr. Ethics and by his admirers as an intellectual, in a press conference in Douala on August 4, called on his CDU supporters to register and vote when the time comes. Is this not hypocrisy by our political leaders, or what can it be called? If this call by Dr. Ndam Njoya is what all the other leaders want to do, people may want to know what has suddenly given credibility to ELECAM to convince these leaders.

It is high time the so-called civil society takes over the politics of this country because, the attitude of our political leaders make them unfit for modern politics as practised in other African countries. "One statement on a political issue in the morning and a contrary one in the evening" is the practice of our political leaders; an analysis observed recently. Cameroonians are becoming fed-up with this horrific behavior of the leaders.

According to universally accepted figures for a population of 19 million, in the case of Cameroon, there is need for 9-10million people to be registered for any credible election to take place. That is why, following the popularity of the CPDM in the quarters and non-popularity over the radio and television, it would be impossible for the CPDM supporters to make up three million registered votes in Cameroon.

If this was the case where only CPDM militants registered, it will be impossible for any credible elections to take place. Even if they go ahead with this irregularity, the opposition which sees ELECAM as incredible, would have won a diplomatic and even a political battle in disguise. Therefore, there should be total boycott of registration by the opposition, if they are serious in their strategies.

The days of two million voters in totality to elect a president are over. Rigging in a corrupt system always starts from registration of voters. Have people forgotten, so soon, how some people were stationed in Senior Divisional Offices to identify the names of Cameroonians from a particular part of the country, to exclude their names from electoral registers in past elections? And yet, we want to go in for the same mess.
God save Cameroon.

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