Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Officials Quarrel At PIB Follow-up Committee Meeting 

By MaxcelFokwen

Meme Divisional Delegate of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT Godlove Buinda, has told the Mayor of Konye, George Musima, that he is ready to have his day in court with the Mayor over threats made by the latter.

Buinda made the declarations as deliberations in a follow-up of public investment projects drew to a close when the committee charged with the PIB in Meme met on January 4 at the Kumba City Council.
The Mayor had threatened legal action against the Delegate and the Bureau Chief of The Median Newspaper, Betrand Doh Nuah. Musima intimated that media reports after the third quarter follow-up committee meeting indicated that he, Mayor, had tampered with money allocated for certain projects in his municipality.

Mayor Musima, in the heat of the controversy over certain projects in his municipality, wrote a complaint against the Delegate and the reporter to the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong.

The matter, which had fizzled out, found its place in the course of the deliberations. The Finance controller for Meme, Lovet Mbile, unknowingly triggered it when he asserted that people should stop disturbing Mayors for certain projects and privileges to be given to their relatives and friends.
“People should stop disturbing Mayors for their relatives to be given contracts; that is the reason for these hitches,” Mbile stated.

Immediately, Hon. Martin Atinda Mboni, Chairman of the Committee quipped “You mean there is some corruption going on behind the scene?” The Finance Controller answered in the affirmative.
This seemingly provoked Musima to trigger a replay of the controversies that have emanated from the meeting. The Mayor said officials must be careful in the way they make statements in public meetings.
As Musima was ye to land, some members of the committee ‘mocked’ him to go ahead with the court action. The Lawyer cum Mayor retorted that “It is also my right not to sue him.” In the wake of the argument, the Vice Chairman of the committee, Paul Makembe, cautioned the Mayor to stay quiet.

“If you are innocent, stay quiet,” Makembe told Musima.
At this juncture, the MINEPAT Delegate stepped in declaring that; “We get into this kind of issues because people don’t do what they are supposed to do”. Buinda requested that journalists should report what is said and differentiate it from opinion.