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Ombessa, Ekondo-Titi Councils Learn Brick Fabrication 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Agents of Ombessa and Ekondo-Titi Councils have benefited from a five-day training on the fabrication of compressed earth blocks by the Local Materials Promotion Authority, MIPROMALO.
The Director of MIPROMALO, Prof. Uphie Chinje Melo, presided at the handing over ceremony of attestations to the 31 trainees in Ekondo-Titi, Ndian Division, Southwest Region on December 20. 
At the same time, she was represented at a similar event at Ombessa in the Mbam and Inoubou Division, Centre Region, by the Inspector of Technical Services, Jean Calvin Bidoung, where 22 council agents were also trained.
Speaking at the occasion in Ombessa, Bidoung remarked that the training in the two councils was the outcome of a convention signed on October 10, 2012, by MIPROMALO on the one hand, and the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance, FEICOM and the United Councils and Towns of Cameroon, UCTC, on the other. 
He said following the terms of the convention, MIPROMALO took the engagement to, amongst other things, permanently train and organise refresher courses for economic officers and technical personnel of councils in the production and use of local materials in construction. 
He said if there were possibilities, technology transfer centres would be created in such councils to serve as relay institutions. 
Bidoung said within the framework of the convention, the Ombessa Council, through its Mayor, expressed the wish to work with MIPROMALO. 
“It was, therefore, a question of transmitting to the participants practical techniques of production and the use of compressed earth blocks [in construction] within one week,” he stated.
He recalled a Prime Ministerial circular of March 12, 2007 urging officials to ensure the use of local materials in the construction of public buildings, maintaining that the convention with FEICOM and UCTC was signed in that perspective.
Bidoung recalled that MIPROMALO was created in 1990 by President Biya in the face of economic recession. 
He said the main mission that was attributed to MIPROMALO was to ensure a reduction in the cost of construction in the country.
“In order to accomplish the mission, it is our duty to assure the training of the population on the technologies of how to use local materials whose economic advantage has already been proven,” he maintained.
He told the trainees to serve as real vectors in the promotion of the product not only in Ombessa but in the whole country.
Ombessa Council Mayor, Joseph Adebada, said with the Council in possession of the earth block press, the agents would be adequately put to use, not only for Council works, but also for jobs requested for by members of the community.
The DO of Ombessa, Alain Blaise Mvondo Nkoulou, who presided at the ceremony, wished to see the training serve as a real tool in the fight against poverty through the creation of jobs. 
A representative of the trainees, Theodore Franklin Lekama Lekama, said they learnt four major steps in the production and use of local materials in construction.

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