Outrageous, ‘142 application files for direct enrollment received since September 2019, yet, because of setting a date for their examination’ and not swearing-in. Sirs, incorporation, and or direct enrolment into the Cameroon Bar is of right and sanctioned by law, notedly, Section 8 (1), (b), of Law No: 90/059 of 19th December 1990, Organising Practice at the Bar.
‘Firmior et potentior est operatio legis quam dispositio hominis, meaning, the operation of law is firmer and more powerful than the will of man.
The complacency and indifference of the present Bar Council relating to the incorporation and or direct enrolment of Lawyers from foreign Bars into the Cameroon Bar are disgusting, sickening and or revolting. Appalling, yet, dozens of applications of Lawyers of Cameroonian nationality, who are members of foreign Bars seeking incorporation or direct enrolment into the Cameron Bar had remained untreated and treated with disdain and levity for over one year and counting. What a shame!
Sirs, Lawyers aren’t civil servants. Lawyers aren’t paid by the state. Unarguably, we would have agreed unquestionably, that, with few Common Law Lawyers at the Bar Council, and within a reasonable time frame, ‘Batonnier’ Eta-Besong, had incorporated many Lawyers of Cameroonian nationality from foreign Bars into the Cameroon Bar. The sustainability of any Bar Association is predicated upon the principle of ‘more Lawyers, more work for Lawyers’. Consequently, avoidance of the depletion of Lawyers in the future.
Sirs, with profound esteem, we urge you to agree with us that, ‘our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’. Consequently, this open letter shouldn’t be interpreted as connivance and or subversion to Authorities of the Bar.
Our Brothers and Sisters from foreign Bars need not starve to death before they are incorporated or enrolled in the Cameroon Bar.
Sirs, truth, like all other good things, may cost too much but it is a good thing to make fair comments, concerned about the seriousness of problems and threats posed to colleagues of Cameroonian nationality from foreign Bars by the inability of the present Bar Council to incorporate or enroll them into the Cameroon Bar, would have pushed many and supportive of ‘SWEAR THEM IN, SWEAR THEM NOW’, to hold a ‘NO VOTE’ policy to any potential Bar Council aspirant.
Let’s make hay while the sun shines!
BY: Barrister Atoh Walter M. Tchemi,
Human Rights Activist
Email: atoh@thetimelawfirm.com
website: www.thetimelawfirm.com
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