Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Open Letter To University Of Buea Students’ Union 

By Matthew Ignatius O*

I had complained officially to the University Administration twice in my first and second years in the University of Buea about UBSU. I also copied you (UBSU Executive) so that you could react and change.

But, today, I write not only as one who has been directly affected by your recently embarrassing portraiture of our values, but also as one who believes the time is due for us to stop childish things and have a rethink of a positive way forward in the best interest of posterity. Not only are these negative impressions unhelpful to us but also that they contribute in destroying our cherished citadel, which we all avowed and claim to build.

The recent infightings in the Union leaves most of the student population with the impression that you have lost control of yourselves and the system we entrusted in your care. UBSU should represent student’s welfare and interests. UBSU should reflect the best student culture of striving for academic excellence, fair treatment of students on campus and an embodiment of objectivity. This is what you were voted to represent. This is why you were called up to run this framework of constructive dialogue with both administration and government and other academic partners. Why are you letting us down?

You have gradually degenerated into a stage akin to the proverbial guard who after an excellent service to his masters throughout a turbulent season of insecurity, turned out to subject same to terrorists threats in times of peace. The University of Buea as the lone public Anglo-Saxon university in Cameroon was established after much unspeakable quests.

It stands out today as a source of great national pride to all Cameroonians from all works of life, Anglophone and Francophone alike. It has earned for itself the reputation for maintaining high educational standards and a reputable research hub in Cameroon. We, the first beneficiaries of this great legacy, ought to contribute to it. A lot has happened already. We understand what lost is it we sometimes incur in the continuous quest for autonomy. We should understand our limitations as students.

But also we must not also conflict this with why we came to this institution and the need to continuously safeguard and guarantee our core objective as a means of contributing our own quota in the business of making our country the best place for our generation and those of our children yet unborn. Such is the legacy we should strive to ensure. In us lies the potential of making the University of Buea as great as Harvard, Oxford etc or as devastated as a war or hurricane ravaged campus. The choice is ours to make.

This is a wake up call especially for those who have not realized that the ground beneath them has shifted. This is a clarion call to national service, a call to responsibility. While a handful of students disagree with this popular view, it is irrefutable that we all share so much in common; that we are all students and future leaders; that we are all God’s children; that the University of Buea is ours to plough not to plunder; that it is ours to make not to waste; and that it is ours to man not to maim.

400 Level Class Delegate
Department of Law, University of Buea

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