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Orange Cameroun Rewards Clients 

The General Manager of Orange Cameroun, Jean-Michel Latute, handed prizes at the company’s headquarters in Douala, Tuesday, February 10. The three games included a special one that took place last year whereby two air tickets (Douala-Washington-Douala) were put up by Orange Cameroun for grabs.

Interestingly, the two air tickets had to be won by one person, so that the winner could be accompanied by a partner in case of a couple, a parent or friend. Orange Cameroun that embraced the slogan, "Yes, we can", through this game was offering its clients the opportunity to visit the US.  

As Latute aptly puts it, the occasion was another testimony of the company’s tradition to honour any promise it makes. Mrs. Elise Yondo, the winner of the two round tickets to Washington said the opportunity Orange Cameroun provided for her and her partner to travel to the US, was more than a dream come true.

She noted that she had never travelled out of the country before, and that her dream had all along been that one day she would be able to travel abroad.

The 10 Millionaires

Meanwhile, Orange Cameroun also shared out cheques of FCFA 1 million each to 10 winners of the draws that took place on January 23, to designate the jackpot launched by the company from December 15 to January 5.

Within those 20 days, a client simply had to consume credit or airtime for just up to FCFA 1000, to be automatically selected to be in the draws. At the end, some 1,500,000 clients qualified for the draw that created 10 millionaires. The winners of the jackpot were: Solange Clarisse Tuedem, Mohamoadou Laminou, Eithel Mvondo, Mrs. Ze Kanga nee Julienne Mfegue, Abiba Ntentie, Eliane Maneteu, Victoire Mbassi, Jean Marie Tegang, Julio Ateufack, and Desire Elong Bandolo. 

One of the winners, Mohamadou Laminou, a peasant farmer from Ngoundere, thanked God for sending Orange Cameroun to pull him and his family out of misery. Bubbling with joy, Mohamadou said he would invest the money in agriculture. 

Meanwhile, the third group that received prizes were the winners of the 30 "Live Box" game. Live Box is the ultra modern high speed Internet of wireless/cable connection, which is one of the new products of the company. Live box is credited for its unlimited fast services. 

It is interesting to note that one of the lucky winners of the Live Box was Leonard Beihya of CRTV Douala. All winners who received their prizes were unanimous that it pays to be a faithful client of Orange Cameroun.

GM Lauds Clients For Fidelity

The Orange Cameroun General Manager used the opportunity to thank the company’s clients who participated in the different games. He of course, congratulated all the winners in the different games.

The company has over two million clients connected to its GSM network. Its network covers over 450 localities and has over 86 percent of the population of Cameroon and counts over 650 permanent workers, indirectly providing jobs to some 100.000 people through its products.

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