Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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O’Sam Tasted Demon Forms of Crazy 

By Boh Herbert

Alas, from DCI can only mourn, not bury O’Sam

May be as well. A spirit so free no grave imprisons.

‘Tis easier to bury Mount Cameroon, than O’Sam.

The hour grave, befitting for eulogies sang in unison.


Thousands saddened will make that graveside pilgrim

Oceans away, a hymn unheard I sing, pleasing dictators.

Every rule has a stinking exception never forced on him.

Such as mingling tears of mourners with damn detractors.


They’ll come – no shame – bleeding tears from stone hearts

The same loving foes who chanted Dimabola, wishing death

Life’s stage they walk acting holier than having God on speed dial.

Out to win any gloom contest of tears,outdoing everycrocodile.


Over the dearly departed, they offer praise denied in life.

Their lips misaligned, even opposed to the desires of heart

Lip-serving democracy, adoring the unapologetic tyrant

O’Sam never white for black took, like Charly “lies”, not “live”.


Pardon the grieving folly that my hymn to dictatorship offers.

‘Tis“Man bite dog” scoop O’Sam craves, even in death’s coffers

Take two ex-friends you know: Pablo Beer and Mamadou Mahidjo.

Theirs is the story of the devil you know, the Angel you abhor


The democrat has caged so many an entire triangle a prison made.

His armed robbery of democracy but a fig leaf for military rule

O’Sam survived tyranny only for democracy to parcel him for the grave.

Tyrant Mamadou Mahidjo so hated the press, he tip-toed on rule.


On both O’Sam and friends has been tested all demon forms of crazy.

The democrat Pablo Beer sent O’Sam to prisons packed to the brim.

How sickening to fall in love with colonialism ‘cos independence sucks!

How sad that tyranny so hated O’Sam that a democrat holed him to jail!


Even the blind Mahidjo had the sight the visionary Beer seeks.

The Beer Tyranny clad in advanced democracy is but nakedness.

O’Sam saw through the façade, calling it by first name: misrule

The bumper harvest of rights violations places us last in class.


O’Sam defended the supremacy of democracy at a price few can bear.

Like the Ebassa Moto, O’Sam over that paramount ideal stood guard.

In death, the democracy starved have lost a precious mouthpiece.

The brave one embraced and walked into death, true to his principles


The rich, power-hungry and spoilt seek privilege, wealth and abuse

Hardship was a crown O’Sam gladly wore as the price of a life of service

Like him, hate him, but O’Sam told it as it is, no sugar coating, no lies.

Loving it as an artist adores the shit worn by Kondengui prison wall graffiti.

How amazing that advanced democracy has us missing tyranny!

Travel well, O’Sam! That baritone from Radio Heaven lives on!