Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Osih Warns Population To Avert Another 7-year Suffering 

By Lindsay Agbor
Social Democratic Front, SDF candidate for this year’s Presidential election, Hon. Joshua Nambangi Osih, has warned the population to register massively and vote out the CPDM, or suffer for seven years again under a failed Government.
“If we do not register on the electoral list, we will have seven years of additional suffering; we will have seven more years of false promises; we will have seven more years of laying of foundation stones of structures that will never be inaugurated. Massive registration will be the fatal weapon of the CPDM,” Hon Osih cautioned.

Osih was speaking April 30, during an event which pulled almost the entire population of Mbouda and its environs in West Region, to sensitise militants and sympathisers of the party on the importance to get themselves registered on the voters’ list and also to present to them the party’s flag bearer.

Osih said the West Region and the Mbouda Electoral District decided to host the event to call on Cameroonians to register in their masses and also for the National Chairman to come out after the National Convention held a couple of weeks before and to present him to the public.

Osih told the thousands of militants and sympathisers that getting registered and voting out those who have been ruling the country for years is the best way to ensure a better living condition for the population.
“I am not here for campaigns; I am not asking you to vote for A or B, I am asking you to register. This country has been blocked for 60 years. This country has been devastated and no country, no human being can accept that his child grows up in a situation where he is almost certain that he will come out of it less than himself. And to change that, to give education to our children, good health to our mothers, to be able to leave school and have a job, we must absolutely go to vote. Register because it is our Liberation. You had to do it because Cameroon cannot exist one more year with those who are ruling us. We are not going to make them go with weapons as some people want to do; we will have them go through the ballot box,” the SDF flag bearer said.

“We need change, because, Cameroonian youths are suffering and it is time to end this. It is not normal that when petrol costs FCFA 200 in SONARA, at the pump here, we are heaped FCFA 650. It is not normal that in Cameroon, a small oligarchy exploits the work of other Cameroonians. It must be ended and for it to end, you must go and register. It is high time that they stop deceiving us; it is high time that we begin to understand that with a minimum wage of FCFA 32,000, we cannot live. It is high time that we start giving wages down to Cameroon.”

The SDF flag bearer beseeched the population not to accept promises from leaders that only leave them empty.
“The next time a Minister comes to speak to you, tell him to go organise his meeting in Ngoayap. The next time they try to tell you that take mackerel, take rice, to choose those to run this country, tell them you have done it for very long time but saw nothing; it must stop. We have to register because the minimum pay package must be at least FCFA 160,000 a month.”
Turning to the crisis in the English-speaking Regions of the country, Osih said: “We have to register because, as the Chairman says, we can no longer accept being ruled by leaders who are waging wars against their people. We do not have weapons; we cannot stop the war that is right next to us. We will use the only powerful weapon, which is, to get ourselves registered. We are going to say that the Anglophone Problem is not in Bamenda, it is not in Santa, it is not in Kembong, it is not in Kumba. The Anglophone Problem is in Etoudi and we want to end it.”

Hon. Osih also stated that the SDF is ready for elections at any time and has stated that their doors are open to others political parties who want to accompany them to victory; else they become their opposition in November.
“My dear friends, in 1992, our National President, John Fru Ndi, won the Presidential election. In this year, when he won the election, he also had traitors in what they called then as the opposition. He did not go alone to the election, there were other candidates. So, we must not be deceived that to go to election, we need only one candidate for the opposition because, as you know, the only Cameroonian opposition is the one before you today and this opposition has only one candidate who is now addressing you. If others want to accompany us to power, they are welcome; our doors will be wide open. Those who do not want to accompany us will be our opposition in November. We are going towards this election to win it and we are going to win it with all those who worked with us and we are not going to stop because there are people who do not have the strength that we have, who do not have fighters like you and who do not have the real desire to win. We will win because we know how to win. In 1992, we won, in 2018 we will win to free this country and we will win together. This country has been captured by people who do not want it and so it is impossible to liberate this country alone. And the only way to win is to unite and win together. Like the Chairman who talked about Moses who could not enter the Promised Land but had his son enter; that son is me. I have the ability to lead this fight to liberate this country when election comes at the level of Etoudi and the people of Mbouda will arrive at the Promised Land with the election, whenever it comes because we are ready.”

Earlier on, the National Chairman, Fru Ndi, explained to the public that it was time for him to step down, given that he was proud of the children he has groomed and urged the population to give him their support because he has the potential to complete the race he started. While calling on militants in the West Region to contribute to the ongoing voters’ registration in the country, Fru Ndi said the SDF is a party of change and continuity and that change can only come through the ballot box.

SDF Secretary General, Jean Tsomelou, urged militants and sympathisers to have confidence in the party and challenged the SDF officials to ensure that all youths of voting age in the Region register on the voters’ list and to be ready for elections.
Before the ceremony proper, the flag bearer and other officials of the party toured the streets of Mbouda.
The event attended by members of National Executive Committee, NEC, of the SDF, began with an ecumenical service for peace in Cameroon.”