Francis Yong Afumbom, Co-President of Cameroon’s League I Club, Yong Sports Academy, YOSA, in an exclusive interview granted The Post has asserted that, YOSA is destined for greater achievements this year and is not affected by last year’s players’ exodus. He also stated that the Bamenda population is 100 percent behind the team, as they look forward to emerging among the top three in this year’s Championship, Read on:

How prepared is YOSA for 2015 football season?

Last season, we were not as prepared as this season, the point being that we started the last season in a rush because we hard other family activities going on that held us back. But, this season, we had enough time to prepare. We recruited quality players and I believe this will be a great season for us.

Some years back, YOSA emerged as a strong club in Cameroon by picking up a continental ticket, does the team still have such ambitions or is it just fighting to stay in League I?

We have never swayed away from our ambitions of becoming an elite club in Cameroon that is why I am confident that this season is going to be very successful for us. This is because we have a blend of quality young players as well as some experienced players under the leadership of an experienced coach who had a wonderful season last year with the club.

Will the mass exodus of players affect the team this year?

YOSA, this year, has one of the best talents in this country. The few players we lost were successfully replaced with equal, if not better talents. It will not affect us because we have players who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for this club. Also, we have a strong coaching staff, which I am confident, we shall excel.

How is the team management after the demise of its founding President, Bobe Francis Yong?

Things will never be the same as it was with our father. But the fact that we learned a great deal from him and we are working hand-in-hand is a sign of progress. This is because; we have his ideologies and visions. We are also working together to make sure that everything continues in the same light or even better than what was first in place.

What is the relationship between the club and the Bamenda population, given that it is regarded as a private venture?

The Bamenda population is behind us 100 percent, since the passing on of our father; the town has been behind us through the recruitment process and the beginning of the season. We greatly appreciate it and hope they stick with us through this adventure and see how the season goes.

How much support has the team received from elites of the Northwest Region and supporters?

The fact that the season just started, as of now, some promises have been made which are still to be fulfilled, but we know that some support is going to come in one way or the other. If not, we keep on moving and just put everything in God’s hands and keep pushing.

What are some of the challenges the club is facing?

As of now, I won’t say we have a lot of challenges, because, everything is moving on as planned.

What prospects for this football season?

Our goal is to make the top three of the League and play the CAF Champions League next season. We are currently doing everything in our capacity to achieve that goal.

What message to YOSA supporters?

They should stick behind us even when things are not going as planned, give their full support and everything will come out great. Also, I am pleading with them to continue encouraging our players; not hesitating to come up to management when things are not moving well.

Interviewed By Basil K. Mbuye