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Over 400 Cameroonian Cataract Patients Operated On 

By Daniel Gwarbarah

Tunisian eye specialists have successfully operated on some 420 Cameroonian cataract patients. The week-long operation, which started at the Yaounde Central Hospital July 4, wrapped up July 10. The exercise ended with a closing ceremony presided at by Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health, André Mama Fouda.

Health Minister (4th from left) Tunisian eye specialists and personnel of Central Hospital

Talking about the operation, Prof. Leke said the campaign was the second of its kind by the Tunisian NGO that targeted cataract patients with no financial means to pay for the operation.
The head of the Tunisian delegation, Dr. Lamia El Fekih, thanked the medical and para-medical team of the Yaounde Central Hospital for their collaboration in the course of the operation. Noting that they were no complications registered, Dr. Lamia said a mechanism to follow up the patients was still being put in place.

The Tunisian Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E. Riadh Essid, expressed gratitude to the Cameroonian authorities as well as the officials of the Yaounde Central Hospital for working closely with the team of eye specialists from Tunisia to ensure the success of the exercise.
He hoped to see the relationship between the two countries grow from strength to strength while the representative of the Islamic Development Bank that funded the operation, Ahmed Benali, said the operation would henceforth be extended to all the ten regional headquarters of the country.

Describing the exercise as a great hope for poor cataract patients in the country, Mama Fouda said over 400 Cameroonians who only last week could not see, have now regained their sight free of charge, thanks to the working relationship between Cameroon and Tunisia. He said the joy is not only that of the patients but thousands of other family members. He said the Islamic Development Bank has already declared its willingness to facilitate the conduction of the same exercise in the Littoral Regional Hospital of Douala in November this year.

The Minister noted that because of some few hitches encountered at the start of the operation, henceforth, the selection of patients to benefit from the operation must be done at least one week prior to the arrival of the eye specialists. He maintained that from all indications, the operation in November would witness reinforcement in terms of equipment.


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