Sunday, November 18, 2018
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PADDEC Leader 

By Joe Dinga Pefok — PADDEC party leader Barrister Jean de Dieu Momo’s contravention of the G7 Foumban Declaration, calling for boycott of May 20 celebrations, was not the first.
The decision to boycott the May 20 march-past was Momo’s second reneging on resolutions taken collectively by the G7 opposition group, to which he belongs.

In an earlier back-pedal, Momo had on October 21, went to the Supreme Court sitting in for the Constitutional Council, to attend the ceremony for the proclamation of the election results which they had rejected in a Yaounde Declaration, which he had signed. Momo said he attended the ceremony though he was a signatory to the Yaounde Declaration, because he was a constitutionalist, a respecter of state institutions, and how, as a lawyer by profession, it was not right for him to fail to respect an invitation to go the Supreme Court.

He said even though the signed the Yaounde Declaration, he knew that the Supreme Court did not have the competence to cancel an entire election result. He claimed that only a Constitutional Court has the capacity to do so. However, Momo was not the only signatory to the Yaounde Declaration who betrayed the G7. Another lawyer, Bernard Muna of AFP, attended the swearing-in ceremony of President Biya at the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, Albert Dzongang of La Dynamique once said that Momo is relatively new in politics.
For many years, Momo was a human rights activist, and at times, jointly carried out certain actions with Anicet Ekane of MANIDEM party. Then, about five years ago, he gave up the human rights activities for politics.

In fact, it was during the Presidential election of last year that many people in Douala discovered that Momo had joined politics. At the election, Momo, who hails from the same sub-division with Francoise Foning in Menoua Division, played tribal politics and surprised many people, probably even himself, by emerging the 8th out of the 23 candidates. 

Even though the opposition were denouncing the election as heavily flawed, Momo was openly excited, especially with the fact that he came ahead of old politicians in Douala like Jean Jacques Ekindi of the Progressive Movement, and Ekane. Earlier, during the election campaigns, Momo said that if he won and became the President of Cameroon, he would form an inclusive Government, and that he would offer ministerial posts to the candidates who did not succeed at the polls.

He said the system of a winner takes-it-all at the presidential election, is not good. But political observers said Momo was, by that, sending out a message to President Biya, that he was waiting. That is why an increasing number of people are alleging that Momo’s repeated betrayal of the opposition group, G7, is a lobby for appointment into Government. 

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